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New Slot Game Available Conquerors of the Amazon II

conquerors of the amazon

Casino operators who are looking to buy mobile slot games can now add a new game from CasinoWebScripts to their gaming sites. Conquerors of the Amazon II is the sequel of CasinoWebScripts Amazon-themed game, Conquerors of the Amazon.

With new features, an improved background with various animations and exciting sound effects, this game presents itself as one of the top mobile slot games from CasinoWebScripts’ games collection. The main character of Conquerors of the Amazon II is the warrior who sits in the right side of the screen and accompanies players during the game. The background, which reveals animated elements such as a waterfall, changes into nighttime mode when freespins are activated.

amazon slot game

All the symbols of this game are inspired by elements presented in stories about the Amazon jungle and its hidden treasures. During the game, players can discover a lost ancient city tucked inside the Amazon rainforest and unlock its secrets with each spin. Mysterious temples, the fierce wildlife, monuments and unimaginable beauties are uncovered during this game.

Operators who want to buy mobile slot games will be presented with a variety of game features while testing the live demo of Conquerors of the Amazon II. With each BIG WIN, MEGA WIN or EPIC WIN, gold-tinted and silver-tinted animations will appear on the screen. When players win during a spin, they have the option to GAMBLE that win. An EXPANDING WILD feature has also been added to this game, revealing the silhouette of an ancient monument hidden within the forest.

FREESPINS are won when 3 or more scatter symbols appear on the reels. During FREESPINS mode, all wins during that round are multiplied by 3. JACKPOT WIN is a feature that allows players to receive one of the three types of jackpots, which are randomly won when scatter symbols appear on all reel stops: MINI JACKPOT, MAJOR JACKPOT and MEGA JACKPOT.

If you’re looking to purchase mobile slot games for your casino, you can use Conquerors of the Amazon II for a mobile casino as well as for a desktop casino. An interesting option that we offer is a cryptocurrency casino, where digital coins can be used as payment method. Another viable solution is a sweepstakes gaming solution, where you can offer games inside an internet café, and encourage players to purchase tokens instead of directly gambling with real money. With this solution, you can start a legal online casino-style business without the need of a gaming license in certain countries.

CasinoWebScripts offers operators the possibility to purchase any of our games with or without source codes. This option also applies to Conquerors of the Amazon II. How may this help you? By purchasing the source codes of this game, you can make various modifications to the game, including graphics, sound effects and more. Like so, you can have a unique slot game that can’t be found at any other casino, while using this already-designed slot game as a base for a new one.

Conquerors of the Amazon II and all its features can be tested with a live demo on our demo website, by clicking the LIVE DEMO button here.



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