Online Casino Software Basics

20 September 2018

casino software basics

The technological progress that we managed to witness during the past few years has led to a proliferation of online casinos, which can accept players from all around the world. Users can access their favorite games anytime, games which come with flawless graphics and fantastic features.

The software that stands behind the online casino itself is the backbone of the entire business, so selecting a software package that will power your online casino is an essential step that you need to consider.

Casino software development companies offer a wide array of casino software options. You can find dedicated software for certain casinos games, such as poker, for sports betting and many more. If you’re looking to start an online casino with a diversity of games, like most online casinos, you can choose a complete casino software solution.

There are independent companies who only develop online casino software, and companies who develop casino games. You’ll also find a few companies who can offer complete solutions which include software and games. When you purchase such a package from a company, you can most probably take advantage of a discount.

Casino software fairness

Top-quality online casino software is created using complex techniques, with an infrastructure that must run flawlessly. Expert engineers and designers are required to develop top-notch, virus-free software. One of the essential components that casino operators should look for when purchasing online casino software is the Random Number Generator system (RNG).

Since all players are looking for games that offer them fair chances of winning, the RNG system guarantees that results are randomly obtained. For example, when you play an online card game, you want to make sure that the cards are shuffled randomly. The RNG system ensures that the shuffled cards that you see on the table are the results of a random event. Like so, players know that the game is 100% fair and the results can’t be predicted by neither the player, nor the casino.

Casino software certifications

Besides the fact that RNG can offer an overall image about your casino’s fairness towards the clients, you would also need to make sure that the casino software you purchase has been reviewed by a testing agency. Since any software that relies on algorithms could be somewhat modified, a testing agency can certify that the casino software and games are not manipulated in any way.

Third-party agencies perform audits to ensure that the results are accurate and impartial. Besides making sure that the RNGs of the games are correct, auditors also take a look at certain specific results. Dice combinations, roulette numbers or slot reel symbols are just some of the elements that specialists consider testing while performing a casino software audit.

If you’re looking to get an online casino license, the licensing authority will probably want to check that these tests have been made at least once. Some licensing authorities can even require monthly audits, which can also be performed by testing agencies.

Mobile casino software

In the past years, online casino software providers have started to concentrate more on creating mobile-friendly software platforms. One of the best and most popular markup languages that are used for mobile gaming is HTML5. With HTML5, games and video can be streamed on both desktop and mobile devices. Casino software creators can customize casino games to make them compatible with a variety of browsers and to also configure them to be played on small screens.

The interesting fact about mobile casino software is that your online casino can feature games from several casino providers at the same time, all on one platform. You can easily take the best of what everyone is offering. Some companies offer casino software platforms with unique and useful features, while some other companies may just develop state-of-the-art casino games.

Make sure that the casino software platform can support the games from another provider. Some major companies only offer complete packages which include both software and games, without the possibility to split the two.


It will be exciting to see how online casino software providers will take advantage of technological developments in the years to come. New games that are more realistic than ever are expected to appear, while the classic ones will never go out of style. Players are now able to access online casinos from almost anywhere in the world, and the industry is thriving.

Online casino software platforms can allow operators to easily control their online casinos, without the help of other experts. Make sure that before your purchase such a product, the gaming provider offers you information about its features. More than that, see that you get your value for money by doing a bit of research and comparing what each provider can offer.

CasinoWebScripts offers a turnkey solution which includes an online casino software platform and a variety of online and mobile casino games.

20 September 2018

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