Opening a Fast and Legal Sweepstakes Casino in the US

3 September 2020

sweepstakes casino

The casino gaming industry in the US has undergone many changes lately. A real-money casino business in the US is currently not legal in certain states. Even so, Americans who have interest in gambling and want to enjoy casino-style games have a great alternative available.

The sweepstakes gaming solution is a legal way to play some of the most popular games by using a unique prize offering system. Online sweepstakes casinos are currently a top option for operators who want to provide gaming services in the US, without the need of a gambling license.

How does it work?

For people not located near a land-based, licensed casino or poker room, sweepstakes shops offer a similar social experience with games that are almost the same as the ones played in brick-and-mortar casinos.

With gambling restricted in most states, operators in the USA have turned to starting businesses in internet cafes, where sweepstakes games are available.

While the games are actually played for “entries” (or tokens) instead of real money, no gambling license is necessary. The games are practically the same as in a real casino. The casino games that we provide at CasinoWebScripts can be modified to become suitable for a sweepstakes casino solution in the US.

To run a sweepstakes shop business in the US, in a physical location, some of the main things you’ll need include:

  • A web management platform
  • A server from a hosting company
  • A location to set up the internet café
  • Some PCs (classic, touch screen or large tablets)
  • The casino-style games of your choice provided by a sweepstakes gaming supplier

The web management platform plays an essential role in starting your sweepstakes casino business. The platform provides an interface for login, game display, statistics, admin panel, redeem option, cashier panel and other indispensable features which help you run your business smoothly and in a profitable way.

To run a play-from-home business or a sweepstakes casino that can be accessed on mobile devices, you have the possibility to offer a username and password from a smaller location for users who come to your shop and buy internet time, merchandise or make a donation. They will receive free entries and they can play your games from their home or anywhere else, on their mobile devices.

One of the top solutions, which has been very popular in the past months, is the option to play from shop location AND from home or on a mobile device. Therefore, players can enjoy the sweepstakes games from anywhere.

They can start a game at your shop and play the same game from home. Some players prefer socializing in an internet café, while others enjoy playing the games from the comfort of their own homes, or anywhere else on their mobile devices. It’s a solution that fits all.

Where to find sweepstakes casino games for sale?

There are a few online casino providers who offer casino-style games, converted to fit the pattern of a sweepstakes game. At CasinoWebScripts, we can convert any of our real-money casino games into a sweepstakes-compatible game. We can also create games from scratch, if you’re looking for a special theme or a specific game.

Here’s a video of one of our top-rated sweepstakes casino games that you can find for sale on our website:

As you can see, the game design, the animations and the sound effects are practically the same. The differences between the real-money casino game and the sweepstakes casino game consist in:

  • “Reveal” button instead of “Spin” button
  • “Entries” button instead of “Bet” button
  • “Winnings” instead of “Credits”
  • The sweepstakes version provides a “Redeem Winnings” panel, where players can select the prize amount to be redeemed. In the classic version, players cash out the credits

These specific features are essential for a sweepstakes casino software which allows you to run a legal sweepstakes business in the US.

The user plays ENTRIES to REVEAL a predefined PRIZE, while the PRIZE consists of a combination of slot symbols that will provide a certain prize value. Therefore, by revealing the reels, it’s like scratching a ticket to reveal a prize. Instead of a ticket, you use the slot animation.

The SPIN, BET and WIN buttons have been replaced because they would suggest that a random winning would occur, as we can see in real-money casino.

sweepstakes casino slot

How to start

If you’re interested in starting your sweepstakes casino in the US, our team can guide you through the process and see which solution fits your needs. Our team already provides sweepstakes casinos in various locations, with a unique solution: we don’t charge any monthly fees!

You’ll have an independent business, with top level customizations along the way. We are the sole developers of our games and software and we’re ready to work with you and make any requested modifications.

So, you’ll need a physical location and a webserver (we can guide you to see which one’s best for your business), and then we can create your sweepstakes website with the package of software and games.

You can have multiple locations with several cashiers who can add or remove entries for the computers/players. The players can redeem their winnings and collect their prizes after the game ends and the winnings are approved by a cashier.

With the help of our management software platform, you can see the profit in real-time for each location, along with detailed statistics about each game and player activity.


Starting a sweepstakes casino business in the US is a profitable, fast and easy solution for operators who want to run a gaming business without the fuss and expenses of obtaining a casino license.

The similarities between the real-money casino games and the sweepstakes games provide a great opportunity for casino game enthusiasts who don’t want to engage in real gambling activities or drive to a land-based casino in the states where real-money gambling is available. Players can still enjoy top-rated games and win prizes, in an easy and fun way.

If you’re interested in starting a sweepstakes casino business, you can find out more about how it works and see our best offers in our sweepstakes section, or contact us directly to create a customized solution for you.

3 September 2020

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