Player acquisition, retention and reactivation strategies

23 June 2019

Running an online casino is not just about attracting players to the casino, but also about convincing them to stay to try out the games, to make a deposit and, most important, convincing them to come back again, soon after they left.

Displaying attractive banners on the website is a good way to convince them to try out the games. Granting them freespins (through a limited reward coupon code or through a daily login bonus) is another good way to convince them to play some of the games. From our backend, you can create reward coupon codes which can grant the user tournament tickets, credits or freespins.  These coupons can have limited usage (for example can be used by only 33 accounts) and an expiration date and you can share them on forums, newsletter or inside a banner on the casino landing page. The credit reward can have a wagering requirement, to prevent players from withdrawing the funds immediately as they receive them.

To encourage players to register at your casino, you can activate a registration bonus of small value, but with higher rollover requirement.

Giving them a deposit bonus is a good way to convince them to spend their money at your casino. Deposit bonus codes can be created from the backend and they can be used only when making a deposit. The codes can give a fixed bonus or a percentual bonus (based on how much the user deposited).
Mass bonuses (deposit bonus codes or redeemable reward codes) can be sent to groups of users via email, based on certain filtering criteria like country, VIP Level, age, join date, if he is a returning player, etc.

Implementing a set of daily login bonuses which rewards those that login every day for a longer period of time, sending periodical rewards (freespins, tournament tickets, credits) to certain VIP member levels (to reward them for wagering so much money at your casino), sending bonuses on their birthdays (this can be easily set up to be done automatically) and providing them with new content (games, tournaments, bonuses) or exclusive games (available for the first week only for players that wagered a certain amount of money, using our VIP Level system) will keep the players always happy. A happy player will not just spend his money at your casino, but will also spread the good word and bring more players in. At this point, having an affiliate program to reward players that bring in their friends will be of much help as it will motivate them to spread the word more and more, since their effort will be rewarded as well.

Rewarding the players based on how much they gamble, through the use of cashback features (these are the VIP Points in our software which give 1 VIPP for every 10 CREDITS wagered) is another good strategy to keep the players at your casino. The players can use these VIP points to buy tournament tickets, freespins, casino credit or merchandise from the casino VIP Shop system.
Based on how many VIP Points the players gained, they can increase their VIP Level and be eligible for different prizes and special content. Through the backend, you can customize the user VIP levels and set the wagering requirement that a player must pass in order to unlock a certain level.

Adding new games periodically, sharing this information through a newsletter, perhaps granting 1-2 freespins (through a limited coupon code which is shared on the newsletter), will definitely convince the players to come back at your casino, try the new games and maybe make a deposit if they are happy with their gaming experience.

Competition is for some players more important than having personal gains that nobody will know of, therefore some of them will prefer to have their name at the top of a leaderboard and become popular and praised, rather than to win on a large combination of symbols without nobody knowing about it. For these players, we created the “Games Achievements Rewards and Leaderboard” that rewards them with special leaderboard points when they unlock a certain challenge, along with bonus with rollover requirement. Such challenges are very complex and hard to unlock, such as hitting 21 two times in a row in BlackJack or betting and winning on the same number in roulette multiple times in a row. Given the difficulty of some challenges, it will keep some players “busy” at your casino for a very long time and they will have to wager with real money to unlock them.

Another method to make your casino a competitive field is by setting up tournaments with paid tickets or sometimes freeroll tournaments (with free entry and prizes sponsored by the casino). These can be slot games tournaments (where the players are given a certain number of spins and the players with the largest total wins will take a top spot on the leaderboard and claim a money prize) or blackjack tournaments (where the players are given a small number of starting chips and the players with the most chips at the end of the day will occupy the top positions on the leaderboard and claim a money prize). The advantage of tournaments is that the prizes are usually built based on the total value of the tickets sold (the casino usually takes 1% commission) and the casino owners do not need to pay from their own pockets, if a big win happens.

Our team is always available to assist you with understanding the backend tools and we can always customize these tools to fit your requirements even better.


23 June 2019

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