Popular Table Card Games for Online Casinos

6 January 2017

Popular table gamesOpening an online casino business requires a few steps which include choosing the best games that will appear on your website. Casino software providers offer various solutions when it comes to supplying casino games. Some developers offer a fixed set of games, but if you are looking to add a little personality to your casino website, you can work with a provider that offers you the possibility to purchase only the products you are interested in.

Like so, you can choose games that are the most popular among your targeted customers. Table games are one of the top choices of online casino operators, mainly because players always come back to play classic casino games.

Here are the top table card games that online casino players prefer:


Blackjack Both new and experienced casino players are attracted to this classic casino game, thanks to its low house edges. Blackjack is one of the most popular table card games that we can find in land-based casinos. We have also seen the intricacies of blackjack in Hollywood movies, such as Rain Man.

The skill element that comes with blackjack makes it enjoyable to those who come to understand its rules. Even though blackjack is based on a set of rules, players manage to familiarize themselves with the rules in a short amount of time.

Players usually say that the main objective of blackjack is to get as close to 21 as they can. True connoisseurs will know that there are other chances to win, in different ways. When the player hits with hard totals of 12 or higher, the risk of going bust gets bigger. Depending on the card the dealer shows, players can stand and give the dealer the chance to bust.

If you decide to add blackjack to your online casino business, you can choose between several variants. Blackjack Classic remains the top choice among players. Beginners can learn it easier, thanks to the multitude of information that we can find online, while experts who are already accustomed to it will get to enjoy it even more by stepping up their game.

Other variants, such as Blackjack Surrender, represent an exciting alternative to the standard blackjack game. This variant could prove to be more suitable for experts, as it comes with additional features, which include surrendering in a wide number of circumstances, making the disadvantage smaller.


BaccaratOperators who are looking to start an online casino business frequently choose to add a baccarat game to their gaming website. Baccarat has always been perceived as an activity for noblemen, especially because in the beginning, wealthy people in France used to play chemin de fer, a variant that we can still find in casinos today.

Since one player acts as the bank, it is important to possess a large bankroll while playing chemin de fer. In live casinos, baccarat is no exception, but the online casino version allows gaming participants to place smaller bets.

Even so, baccarat retains its elitist image. It has grown in popularity in the 1960’s, when it has been featured in the James Bond movie ‘Casino Royale’. The entire plot is based on a game of baccarat between James Bond and Le Chiffre.

Therefore, baccarat is a casino game which attracts both mass market players and high rollers, so operators who want to own an online casino business can reach a high number of players by adding baccarat to their gaming portfolio.

The Baccarat Classic game can be played on both mobile and desktop devices, comes with an easy-to-use design, and has been created with a luxurious look, which reminds us of the glamorous casinos where high rollers bet enormous sums of money.

If you are looking to add something a little different to your online casino, you can choose the Baccarat 3D Dealer version, featuring a realistic-looking dealer, which accompanies players during the game.

Texas Hold’em Poker

Poker is by far the most popular casino card game. We can find poker tournaments online and offline, where players can win millions of dollars. In live poker, players usually compete against each other. In online casinos, it is much more convenient to play against the house, so casino software developers have created poker variants in which players can experience the original poker game, but can also play only against the house, without any other player involved.  

Texas Hold’em poker is a popular choice among gaming operators who run an online casino business. Since this game is popular in many parts of the world, it is easy to see why operators choose it for their gaming websites.

To win, players need to hold the best combination of cards. In this version of poker, every player receives two cards face down, known as hole cards. These cards are not shown until the end of the betting rounds. Five more cards are displayed in the middle of the table on the flop, consisting of three cards, plus the turn and the river, consisting of one card each. The community cards are displayed in three stages.

After all the cards are shown on the table, the player must make the best combination of five cards from the seven-card group. The players can choose to use both the hole cards, combined with three community cards, one hole card, combined with four community cards, or no hole cards, meaning that all community cards are played as one’s hand. The player with the best combination wins the sum of bets placed during that hand.

Casino War

Casino warCasino war is an enjoyable game which does not require as much skill as poker or blackjack do. Casino war’s set of rules is less complicated, making the game perfect for novices of online gaming. Adding simpler games to your online casino business is important if you want to cater to a larger audience, since players will feel less intimidated if they can get in on the action with easy-to-play table card games.

In casino war, players start by making an initial wager, which is matched by the dealer. Two cards are dealt: one for the dealer, one for the player. The higher card wins. The interesting part of the game comes up when the dealer and the player get the same card. Now, the player can choose to surrender, which means losing half the wager and going to the next hand. The other option is going to war, which means making another wager, the same size as the first one. After that, the dealer burns three cards, and deals a second card to each game participant. The one which gets the better hand, wins.

Players can enjoy Casino War in any place with an internet connection, on their mobile phones, laptops, tablets, or from home, on their computers.

Punto Banco

Punto banco Punto banco is a version of the classic baccarat game, also known as ‘North American baccarat’. In the United States, you might find a chemin de fer game occasionally, but usually, you will come across the version of the game known as ‘punto banco’. More than that, Wikipedia states that no less than 91% of the total income from Macau casinos in 2014 came from punto banco.

This variant of baccarat is also very popular in online casinos. If the name does not sound familiar, it is useful to know that it means ‘player banker’. During this game, no optional plays are allowed, all cards being dealt after a fixed set of rules. Like so, the casino always banks the game, and plays out both hands by fixed drawing rules.

The difference between the two consists in the fact that punto banco is a game of chance, with no strategy involved, since each player’s moves are influenced by the cards the player is dealt. On the other hand, in chemin de fer, players can make choices, so the skill element is required.

If you want to start an online casino business, you can choose to add chemin de fer, punto banco, or both to your online casino, since each of these games is popular in various parts of the world.

6 January 2017

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