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    News Blog Reasons Why Nevada Should Allow a Wider Range of Online Casino Games

Reasons Why Nevada Should Allow a Wider Range of Online Casino Games

As gaming enthusiasts already know, Nevada gamblers have been allowed to play online poker in the state since 2013. At this point in time, Nevada regulators only legalized poker in the state, and no other casino-style games are available at online gaming sites. Taking into consideration that New Jersey and Nevada, the other two states who regulated online gambling, already allow online gaming providers to offer a wide range of casino games to residents, it is possible for Nevada to generate poorer gaming revenues.

 Gaming analysts suggest that if Nevada does not want to fall behind New Jersey, whose larger population offers it more chances to gain larger online gambling revenues, regulators should make some decisions regarding the regulation of all casino-style games in the state. On the other hand, Nevada’s strategy at this point in time is to create gaming compacts with the other two states that legalized online gambling. When this will be possible, a wider online poker player base would be created.

One of Nevada’s main problems when it comes to expanding its internet gambling solutions is that there are various influential opponents who could stand in the way of an expanded legislation. Spokespeople for various land-based gambling firms in Nevada explained that they would be more pleased with a federal law instead of state-by-state legislations. On the other hand, casino mogul Sheldon Adelson has many times expressed the fact that he does not want online casinos in the United States. Even so, the billionaire seems to accept mobile sports betting, as he already signed a partnership with a reputable online gaming provider that offers such services.

There is no telling what United States gambling will look like in the future, but is seems that regulators are starting to become aware of the fact that it is hard to stop Americans from gambling. Despite the fact that the majority of them is still playing at offshore online casinos, online gaming providers will probably soon have the opportunity to offer services to operators who seek to open online gaming sites with a wide range of casino games in Nevada.  


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