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South American Countries and their Gambling Regimes

South America Map Gambling has become a legal activity in many South American countries, providing significant revenues to the regions where lawmakers decided to legalize the industry. Even though in many parts of the continent gaming and betting is legal, some countries have a set of restrictions within their regulatory systems, so if gamblers want to access gambling sites which are in accordance with the law, they might want to take a look at that particular country’s jurisdiction. CasinoWebScripts provides you with all the necessary information on where you can receive a casino license which will legally allow you to open your online casino.

Argentina is one of the countries whose lawmakers decided to allow operators to open online gambling sites. This country is considered the largest online gambling hub in South America, hosting no less than 80 internet gambling sites and more than 12,000 slot machines. Gambling is only partially legal in this country, considering that authorities decided to complicate gambling laws and the level of taxation. In Argentina, residents are legally allowed to play bingo at sites which have Argentinian domains. If gamblers would like to play at foreign bingo sites, they will conduct an illegal activity. This ban is expected to be revoked in the near future, but, until then, people who want to play safe should stick to playing at Argentinian gambling sites

On the other hand, Brazil lawmakers have been more drawn to legalizing bingo, lottery games and horse races. Any other type of gambling is currently prohibited in this South American country. Even so, Brazilian residents have the option of accessing foreign gambling sites which offer other casino-related gambling games, the government not being able to do much about it. This is why gamblers usually sign up to sites which are mostly translated in Portuguese and play their favorite games online.

In Chile, gaming and betting internet sites are legal. Chile’s lawmakers have not restricted the access to foreign gambling sites, allowing residents to gamble at any casino or other type of gambling site they want. Even though Chile residents are usually into bingo, this country does not currently have many places that offer the online version of this game. This is why the government allows players to find bingo games on foreign sites, which might have bingo versions translated in Spanish.

Peru has a well-organized and properly regulated gambling regime. Even though this industry is quite new to this South American country, considering that the first gambling site received its gambling license in 2008, Peru has the potential of becoming a profitable online gambling destination. Nowadays, Peru has brought together online operators and gaming software developers and suppliers from all around the world, also hosting a series of legal gambling sites. South America Casino
Ecuador is one of the countries which do not host any online gambling sites, but lawmakers do not have any power over sites from outside the territory. Ecuador residents usually turn to playing at online gambling sites from other countries, which offer several types of gambling games like casino-related ones, bingo or racing games.

Gamblers from Venezuela also have the possibility of accessing foreign online gambling sites, taking into consideration that the government does not ban casinos which are not hosted by servers located in this South American country. Even though Venezuela does have a set of gambling laws, residents usually prefer playing at gambling sites from outside the country, because of the fact that Venezuela does not have a properly regulated online gambling system.

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