The Complete Guide to Blackjack for Casino Business Owners

17 March 2022



Blackjack is one of the most mentally stimulating casino games out there. That is why we advise anybody who wants to buy online table card games to do more research and consider including blackjack in their business. The game has had a lot of names in the past before settling for blackjack due to its history. We can describe this casino banking game as a descendant from a family of banking games, and it has 52 cards decks. People see the current blackjack casino game as a version of other variants played in different parts of the world because of its history and origin. They include Twenty One, Pontoon, and Vingt-et-Un.

The History of Blackjack

Some people get fascinated by the rich history of products. They love the story behind a product and decide to own it. Our Blackjack casino game for sale is for you if you are like that. History has it that the current version of blackjack is a direct descendant of the English version of the Twenty-One game.  The game was also called Vingt-Un, and many people believe it came from Spain.

The known history of blackjack started in France around 1768, and it later arrived in Britain around 1770. However, they made the rules for the game in 1800, and the name around that time was Vingt-Un.

The game of Twenty One, popularly known as Vingt-Un in the United Kingdom, came to the United States in the 1800s too. By 1825, the Americans introduced their first rules of the game. Many people saw it as a reprint of what was applicable in the UK, but America later adopted it wholly and made their own distinct rules.

That is a history every casino lover would want to associate with, so you have to give them that chance. While getting blackjack games for your online casino platform, you have to look for the best, and we offer only the best to those who buy online casino software from us.

How Blackjack Got Its Present Name

When the Americans adopted blackjack and made it their own in the 1800s, it became popular. However, we all know that wars disrupt and destroy the natural order of things. People lack leisure during wars, so those who can, try to help them out with the possible leisure activities.

History has it that the gaming houses in the United States during the First World War tried offering bonus payouts to players to stimulate their interest in gaming then. A ten-to-one payout for players whose hands had a Black Jack and Ace of Spades was among the bonuses on the table at that time. They named the hand blackjack because of that, and the name stuck.

How to Play Blackjack

One of the reasons we urge you to open a casino blackjack card game website is its fascinating nature. The gameplay here involves comparing cards. It’s not like many other modern-day casino card games. It is a unique game where the players compete against the dealer instead of competing against their fellow players. The ultimate goal of each player is to try and get a combination of cards worth 21 points.

During the gameplay, each player gets two individual cards. The cards could be face-up or face-down, and that will depend on the board and casino. The dealer also gets two cards in some cases, and these will involve a face-up and face-down card. Cards 2 to 10 are worth their numbers. The Jack, Queen, and King cards are the face cards, and they are all worth 10 each. The value of the Aces could be 11 or 1. In this game, the worth of each hand is a total of the value of the cards.

After issuing the cards to the players, they have the chance to increase the value of their hands by drawing an extra card. When the players have all drawn their hands, it becomes the dealer's turn. If all the players have either received a blackjack or smashed, the broker hand won’t be finished. 

At that time, the dealer must disclose the concealed card and hit till the cards get to 17 points, as 17 points or higher will make the dealer stay. However, you must note that your goal is still to get a better hand than the dealer. Here, a total of the card values must be nearer to 21 than 17, but it should not surpass 21.

Types of Blackjack

There are several types of blackjack games that you can offer in your online casino, and these different types also have different variations within them. That presents you with a lot of options and many games for players. The four main blackjack casino games for sale are Classic, Progressive, Spanish 21, and Super Run 21.

  • Classic blackjack

Classic blackjack involves 1 to 8 decks, and the dealer and players all get 2 cards. One of the dealer’s cards is face-down, and the name of this is hole card. Once the equivalent of your card is 21 and higher than the dealer's overall hand, you win. However, you lose when the card's total is more than 21.

  • Spanish 21

Spanish 21 blackjack involves 6 to 8 decks, and they take away all the cards with 10 as their value, reducing the 52 cards to 48. That affects the house edge. This system gives the dealer the chance to glance at his hole card and win if the value is blackjack or 21. If the player also has a blackjack, it could be a tie, and they also allow concession after doubling down to increase the player's chances of winning.

  • Progressive Blackjack

Progressive blackjack is the classic blackjack with a chance to win a progressive jackpot. After the main game, you make an extra bet to allow you to win the cumulative jackpot like in slots.

  • Super Fun 21

Super Fun 21 involves a single deck, and many people see it as gainful and fun-filled. It resembles the classic type but with a nuance in the payout system. Here, the player wins with a natural blackjack even when there is a tie, while a diamond blackjack gets a 2:1 payout.

Blackjack Strategy

To win blackjack games, players employ different strategies. Some work for them, while some do not work. There are generally accepted strategies, while some individuals develop their own, and some may even be fraudulent. However, the best thing is for new players to use the basic strategy of playing blackjack games.

Each type of blackjack has a basic strategy, and players are encouraged to learn and use them, especially when they are new to the fold. The good thing about them is that they help minimize the house edge on games.

Meanwhile, every player should get familiar with the workings of the blackjack table. Also, players benefit when they pick games with few decks. That is why 4 and 8 deck blackjack games are popular. All basic strategies cover them, and we advise you to go for them first when you want to buy a Blackjack casino game with source codes from us. You should do business with us because our price/quality ratio is the best. We release new desktop and mobile compatible games every month, and you can start crypto or real money casino with our games.

Blackjack Rules

There are some universal blackjack rules that you should know before delving into the casino business. These will also help you to build a suitable platform for online blackjack, and some of the rules are;

  1. Blackjack games involve 2-7 players, and they play with 52-card decks of about 1-8.
  2. All cards with numbers 2-10 have the value on them. Face cards like King, Queen, and Jack are valued at 10. Ace is valued at 1 or 11.
  3. Players start games in their betting positions called boxes.
  4. After placing bets, players are dealt two face-up cards in front of them, while the dealer gets one face-up and one face-down card each.
  5. Players get the chance to draw more cards starting from the dealer’s left-hand side.
  6. Players can either stand or hit when they have the cards. When a player shouts hit, he gets an extra card. When they say stand, it means they do not want to draw an extra card.
  7. A player can call out hit as many times as they wish, but must try not to exceed 21, which is a bust.
  8. When a player busts, he loses the bet.
  9. The dealer plays after the players and they can hit or stand.
  10. If the value of the dealer’s cards does not exceed 21, every player that did not bust wins. In this circumstance, they get back their bets from the dealer.
  11. When a dealer gets a valid hand, the values of the cards are added together. If a player scores higher than the total value, they win, if they tie, they get back their original bet, if not they lose.

How Popular Is Blackjack in the Casino World?

If you are into the casino business, you should open a casino blackjack card game website because of the popularity of blackjack. It stands as the most played casino banking game in the world.  Now, the popularity of blackjack does not just lie in the fact that it is one of the oldest gambling games out there. It is so popular because it is one of the simplest games to understand.

Many older games became as popular as blackjack and later fizzled away, but this one has stayed relevant for ages. That is because it does not take people much time to understand blackjack and learn how to play it. You can master the basic strategy rules within a few minutes.

The game is also fast-paced, so players do not get into long sessions. You can start and conclude a session in a few minutes, and people love that. That is why you need to have it on your casino website, and you can buy a Blackjack casino game with source codes from us.

Another thing that goes for this game and enhances its popularity is the availability. It’s found in all online and land-based casinos, so most players are in love with it already. Because of that, not offering blackjack in your casino could potentially lead to losing customers. If you buy online table card games from us, one advantage would be that we offer a lot of extras. They include workable, responsive, and effective lifetime support. We also deliver to your casino within 24 hours, with customization services available.

Why It Is Useful To Have a Blackjack Game in Your Online Casino?

Any casino operator who wants to offer a complete solution to the players includes blackjack in their casino game lobby. Any reputable casino that does not offer blackjack might seem incomplete. The game offers many benefits to the casino and players.

Blackjack will deliver more profits to your table by attracting more players. Successful casinos always go for games that are attractive to players. They lure them in with such games and make their money.

When players love a game more than others, casinos should offer it. Players will flock around your casino, and through their bets, you meet your financial obligations. When you buy the blackjack game and software from us, you can use it to apply and get any type of gambling license anywhere in the world.

Blackjack contributes to the social, mental, and emotional health of players. That is because the game increases players’ happiness levels, makes their minds sharper, and makes them more sociable. Skilled players love this game because it helps them build their focus and multitasking skills. When you buy online table card games from us, you get software that is tested and certified by BMM TestLabs and iTechLabs.


Blackjack is a card game you cannot afford not to offer on your casino, and we create and sell the best of it. So, when you want to buy online casino software for blackjack, take a look at our products and contact us for an offer.

17 March 2022

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