Most Popular Gambling Games in Different Countries

30 June 2022

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Gamblers around the globe have their preferences concerning gambling options – what to choose – thanks to a wide range of options at their disposal. It is crucial to know these preferences and the factors behind them to understand the higher demands for some games than others.

Keep reading the article to learn more about players’ gambling preferences in different countries and why they have diverse tastes in games.

Factors that Influence Gamers’ Choices

A study of the gaming community exposes an interesting development: some games are more popular in one part of the globe than the others. While football is the predominant game in most parts of the world, people are passionate about basketball, cricket, baseball, and several other games in other parts.

Gamers’ different taste in games is connected to several factors that include the following:

1. Regulations

Regulation is one of the most influential factors behind gamers’ choices. Some countries restrict their citizens from playing certain games, reducing such games’ popularity among the local gamblers. Although some players may circumvent such restrictions by turning to offshore platforms, the game’s popularity will take a hit.

Besides governments’ restrictions, some licenses come with operational limitations that restrict some operators’ activities to certain approved countries. For instance, online casinos aren’t fully accepted in some African countries such as Nigeria and South Africa while sportsbooks are considered legal in those countries.

Countries with less strict regulations can boast more games than those with very strict regulations where most games are either completely banned or strictly regulated, limiting the citizens to a handful of government-approved games. This may affect a game’s popularity and gamers’ choice as well.

Canada is a case study. Gambling is regulated by the Criminal Code of Canada. Sections 201-207 of the Code provide laws regulating gambling and betting in the country. According to the law, any form of gambling is prohibited in the country; although certain exceptions are provided that allow citizens to place bets on sports games or lawful races.

This limits the citizens to only a handful of games approved by the country according to its Criminal Code.

2. Culture

Culture is another influential factor behind a game’s popularity or otherwise. Online gaming is forbidden in some cultures while some show a more relaxed attitude towards such games. Hence, cultural influence may determine what type of game is popular in a country and which ones are not.

For instance, most Islamic countries are culturally against any form of gambling. The United Arab Emirates and Brunei are typical examples of such countries where citizens are not allowed to gamble.

North Korea, Singapore, and Cambodia are some other countries with a culture-influenced distaste for gambling. However, some of these countries are gradually accommodating other cultures and are relaxing their view towards online games. In such countries, some games may be more popular than others, especially games that align with their culture.

3. Inclusiveness and Accessibility

A game or sport’s accessibility is another important factor that determines its growth and popularity among gamers.

Gamers are usually attracted to easily-accessible games. With increasing exposure to the sport, they will gradually fall in love with them and share their memorable experiences with their peers, who in turn, will talk positively about the game or sport. Over time, the sports or game’s popularity will shoot through the roof.

Accessibility aside, inclusiveness is another factor that may influence a game’s popularity. A good game should be appealing to players across different genders, diverse age groups, multiple social statuses, and more. Gamers, irrespective of their personalities and status, should have easy access to the game or sport. An inclusive sport or game will always outperform its counterparts that are specifically designed for a particular gender or social status.

4. Availability of Video Games

A game can gain immense popularity if it’s available as a video game for its fans. For instance, football’s popularity in most continents is connected to the fact that gamers can play football games on their consoles as video games. Gamers can place bets while playing such games against each other.

As more people are involved in playing such video games in addition to watching the sports, the sports will become increasingly popular over time.

5. Economy

A country’s economic strength is another important factor that can’t be ignored. Players in affluent countries may opt for high-quality and equally expensive games while their counterparts in developing countries and elsewhere with a weaker economy may consider cheaper options. This may affect the type of games that are popular among the locals in such countries.

6. Features

A game’s features is another factor that determines its popularity. Gamers are more interested in games that offer a wide range of attractive features such as multiple payment solutions and great user interface.

They also appreciate games with incentives such as welcome bonuses, bonuses for winning tournaments, a smooth registration process, and several other features that will improve their overall user experience.

Gamers also love competitive games that build up their hand-eye coordination skills, help them to make quick decisions, improve their reflexes, and strategy-building skills. As gamers get used to such games, they promote them among their friends and the gaming community, thereby giving such games the needed exposure.

7. Convenience

Gamers don’t joke with convenience when choosing a game to play. They prefer games they can play at their convenience wherever they are without undue restrictions or limitations. They want a game they can play during lunch breaks, while on a vacation, or after work.

Games with these features are usually more popular, thanks to the good PR they enjoy from gamers who appreciate the ease of access and convenience of playing them.

These are some of the commonest criteria that define a game’s popularity in one area while it succumbs to another in a different location.

With background knowledge of the several factors dictating a game’s popularity in one country or the other, let’s take a look at some of the most popular games in different countries of the world by continent.

Most Popular Games in Asia

Asia is the world’s most populous continent boasting almost two-fifth of the global population. Asia’s rapidly developing economy and increasingly liberal legislation have opened the door for many locals to increase their passion for playing online games.

Chinese players are fans of offshore casinos and they have a soft spot for Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger, and other Philippine-based live dealer games that reflect their culture.

However, lotteries and sports betting remain the accepted betting forms in China, the continent’s most populous country. In Hong Kong, lotteries and sports betting are available at the popular Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Macau is another place where gamers have access to a great number of land-based casinos, earning it the moniker “The Vegas of the East” in comparison with Las Vegas, the world’s gambling headquarters.

India and Pakistan are emerging markets in the continent, thanks to their adoption of more liberal stands on betting. While cricket remains their most popular sport, they are also interested in sports betting and dealer games. Teen Patti, a local game, and Rummy are two other games that are common among Indians and some other Asians.

Most Popular Games in Africa

Africa is the world’s second-largest continent and boasts of millions of game lovers who spend billions of dollars annually on their favourite games.

Leading this continent are players from countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Tanzania where online casino games are the go-to for most game lovers.

Thanks to mobile technology’s huge impact on the continent, virtual sports are gradually becoming a thing in the continent, especially among the young populace whose interest in football games has fuelled a passion for placing bets.

Gamblers in this continent are more comfortable with placing bets on their mobile phones when their favourite football clubs or players are in action or during major football tournaments such as the Champions League, World Cup, and more.

Besides football, cycling, rugby, basketball, cricket, and athletics are gradually gaining ground in this continent too. Kenya, South Africa, and Zimbabwe are passionate about cricket while the entire continent has a growing interest in athletics, thanks to some of the continent professional athletics feats on the global space.

Most Popular Games in Europe

The European gambling industry is divided into Western Europe and Eastern Europe. The former is home to some of the best-regulated and world’s richest gambling markets. The subcontinent is dotted with both sports betting and online casinos in major countries such as Sweden and Denmark.

Other notable countries such as Ireland and the UK favour online betting, specifically horse racing. There is also a huge demand for sportsbooks among players in these European countries.

France, on the other hand, supports sports betting, legal poker, and online casino games while Belgium supports online casinos too. Germany recently legalized betting, giving room for its citizens to engage in online gambling alongside the age-long land-based casinos that are operational in the country for decades.

Besides these games, players in Western Europe are also football enthusiasts. This continent is home to the English Premier League, one of the top 5 football leagues in the world and home to legendary football clubs. Many gamblers are football lovers and place bets in favour of their preferred football players or club every week. They also play football-related games

Eastern Europe’s gambling industry recently awoke from an 11-year ban when Ukraine, the leading country removed its ban on gambling but rather regulates the industry.

Several Eastern European countries such as Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia are home to sportsbooks and online casinos. Some of the most common games in these countries are poker, baccarat, traditional casino games, blackjack, and bingo.

Hockey, basketball, and ice cricket are some other sports activities they are interested in - a good number of gamblers in these European countries regularly place bets on their favourite games or sports.

Armenia and Georgia’s gambling sectors are expanding while only licensed operators for land-based casinos are allowed to offer sportsbooks and online casinos in Georgia. Regulation is ongoing in Armenia and hopefully, that will be a turning point in the country’s gambling sector.

Most Popular Games in Latin America

Latin America is home to countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, and others that are passionate about a wide range of sports and games and boasts some 230 million gamers without signs of slowing down.

The annual 13.5% growth rate is indicative of a continent with an increasing number of online gamers and a perfect market for most online game developers.

Football remains the undisputed sporting activity in this continent with Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay some of the notable heavyweight football countries.

Millions of Latin American youth love football and place bets to express their support and passion for this sport.

Football isn’t the only sport in Latin America. The locals also have a thing for horse racing, baseball, and athletics that are gradually becoming increasingly popular among locals. Other popular games in this continent include car racing, basketball, golf, volleyball, and tennis. With more exposure to these games, Latin Americans are now investing in them as much as they do in football.

Most Popular Games in Australia

Australians enjoy a wide range of sporting games too. The most popular among the locals is swimming. Currently, over 3 million Australians are involved in swimming across all age and gender groups.

Australian parents have cultivated the habit of teaching their children swimming skills and techniques from an early age, inspiring a never-dying love for it.

Besides swimming they are exposed to from childhood, Australians also love cycling with reported over 2.8 million locals fully passionate about it. Other sporting activities they are interested in include soccer, basketball, cricket, NRL, netball, and tennis.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular games in different countries as determined by some criteria discussed in this article. You can choose any of these popular games according to your location and establish a good relationship with players across the country or continent.

30 June 2022

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