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Top 3 Greatest Lottery Win Movies

There is no doubt that everyone who has ever participated in a lottery draw or scratched a lottery card thought about what they are going to do with all the free money that they could win. Some envision themselves as spending their winnings on expensive cars, jewelry or luxurious vacations, while others think about how they could offer their children a better future or pay their debts and buy bigger houses. No matter what your lottery fantasy is, you can always go buy a lottery ticket and hope that your dreams could come true. Many Hollywood directors also thought about how to recreate the sensation that comes after someone wins the lottery in their movies, and our writers have created a top 3 of the best lottery win movies ever.

A really fun movie is “Lottery ticket”, which features Kevin Carson, played by Bow Wow, a mediocre adolescent from a neighborhood who wins a $370 million worth lottery ticket. The young man is forced to protect his ticket before he can collect the money. The movie takes place during a three-day weekend and shows how almost all Kevin’s neighbors and friends try to take advantage of him for the fact that he was finally rich.

Another interesting movie is called “Waking Ned” and presents the story of Jackie and Michael, who find out that their friend Ned won the lottery but died of shock when he found out the great news. The couple then tries to collect the money, but the claim inspector pays them a visit and the situation gets complicated.

The most well-known lottery win movie is called “It could happen to you”, a romantic comedy-drama film starring Nicolas Cage and Bridget Fonda, which unveils the story of a kind married man who works as a police officer. He has dinner at a restaurant and does not afford to tip a waitress. Instead, he makes a promise that if the lottery ticket he recently bought will be a winning one he will split the money with her. The man wins $4 million but his wife tries her best to make him not honor his promise. He eventually falls in love with the waitress, but is faced with many obstacles caused by his wife who sues for divorce.

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