Top Five Casino Myths to Be Busted in 2023

11 January 2023

casino mythsThe online casino industry has always been surrounded by the belief that it is somehow harmful and addictive to those who play casino games. We’ve also heard rumors about games that are rigged and casinos that have the possibility to cheat the system.

Those who play know that it is an entertaining world full of luck, belief, chance and most importantly, fantastic prizes and winnings.

Let’s see which are the most controversial myths about online casinos and why they have proven to be unrealistic.

#1 – Online Casinos Are Less Safe than Land Based Casinos

In a world where online fraud events happen all the time, online casinos might seem more unsafe, especially to the generation of gamblers accustomed to playing live games. Some people believe that it is easier to be exposed to risk while playing at an online casino, because they can’t actually see what’s happening behind the screen.

Players can rest assured that their personal information is safe and their transactions are secure. All reputable casinos employ a wide variety of security measures. SSL and two-step verification technologies help secure databases, while cyber security protocols ensure that players’ data is unreadable.

Likewise, if we think about comparing the security of an online casino to one of a land-based casino, let’s say that even though there are security measures inside, players are at risk of getting mugged the minute they’re outside the casino.

#2 – The Casino Software Can Easily Cheat

The software that stands behind an online casino can be a mystery to many, as some individuals believe that casinos will just do whatever they want with the casino games and modify them to let the house win as much as possible.

This is definitely not true, especially for casinos that hold a valid license. While illegal online casinos do exist, reliable casinos will never cheat players. Rigging games is not possible if there is a regulatory body which supervises the activity of an online casino and its software. Gambling regulatory bodies such as the UK Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Authority are in charge of regulating and supervising online casinos.

Before starting its activity, a licensed online casino goes through an important number of tests and has to fulfill a series of requirements to get a license. After that, it is completely safe to play at such a casino. More than that, the regulatory body constantly supervises the activity of the casino, so it is next to impossible for it to cheat players.

#3 – Players Can Change Slots Results by Stopping the Reels Early

Some players have the idea that if they stop the reels multiple times while the slot game reels spin, they can influence the outcome of the game in their favor. This action makes the slot game feel more like a game of skill rather than a game of chance. Game designers have even given a name to it, called “illusion of skill”, which makes players think that they are in control of the reels.

This myth is, of course, completely false. Stopping the reels early makes no difference, so players can’t actually manipulate the slot game.

Online casino game developers use random number generators (RNGs) for any type of casino slot game. The random numbers that determine the outcome for each spin are set in advance.

Players can find some slots online which involve actual skill – they can touch each reel during a special bonus to stop it individually. Even so, the reels spin so fast that everything becomes a blur, so it is very difficult to get an edge by stopping the right symbols.

#4 – Online Casinos Don’t Award Big Jackpots

The majority of casino enthusiasts have that image in their head of a Las Vegas casino where someone wins a huge jackpot, the slot machine goes crazy, casino girls open champagne bottles and the winner gets a big check.

If this unique experience is only available in brick-and-mortar casinos, players can get bonuses and jackpots just as exquisite in an online casino. The only difference is that they celebrate in front of their computers rather than in a fancy casino room.

Massive online casino wins have been awarded in the past years, with the largest one reaching the sum of 23.6 million dollars! The jackpot win of a slot game has been given to a lucky winner whose name was never released. Therefore, winning the jackpot at an online casino means that it is safer to hit the lucky spin and remain anonymous.

#5 – Players Need to Spend a Lot of Money to Enjoy Casino Games

Nowadays, there are countless kinds of games and solutions for players who want to test their luck at an online casino. Online casino operators can provide both play-for-fun and play-for-real games. Beginners or even seasoned players who want to learn how to play a game can try the play-for-fun versions of casino games before starting to actually gamble real money.

Mastering some games takes a lot of practice. Playing blackjack, baccarat or roulette implies knowing the rules, while also practicing a bit to be accustomed with the flow of the game. Newbie players should be the ones who don’t bet large sums of money if they haven’t studied the rules properly.

If table games tend to be more costly to play, slot games are a great variant for those who want to feel the adrenaline of playing at an online casino while keeping expenses down. The amount of money per spin can range from a few pennies to hundreds of dollars. There’s definitely something for everyone here, especially because slots are everywhere.

Video poker is also a good solution for gamblers on a budget. It also offers some great odds and it’s a good alternative to slot games, since players can still get a significant jackpot as a prize.


Online casino myths are what keeps some players from truly enjoying entertaining games. Most of them are worried about casinos modifying odds, rigged games, the unsafety of personal data or quick loss of money.

More than that, a losing streak could potentially make a player believe that there is something wrong with that game or the casino.

Conspiracy theories make players believe that it was the casino’s fault. These myths should be left behind while casino games should be enjoyed responsibly.

Gambling is based mostly on luck, so any player who stays within his own limits, with necessary breaks, can enjoy an entertaining casino experience while having the chance to win significant prizes.

11 January 2023

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