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5 May 2015

turnkey-bitcoin-casinoBitcoin has become the new way to make transactions on the online gambling scene, and the betting community embraced it due to its wide range of advantages. Right now, bitcoin only accounts for a small percentage of the total bitcoin casino businesses, but it is starting to attract companies worldwide.

Purchasing a turnkey bitcoin casino solution will help you start a business in an innovative market, where transactions are processed faster, with no gambling license required.

Main benefits of purchasing a turnkey bitcoin casino solution

  1. Quick transactions and withdrawals: players will easily make deposits and withdraw bitcoins without having to wait several business days, and you will be able to collect your profits immediately.
  2. Anonymity across the network: the fact that users play casino games anonymously gives them the feeling of freedom, taking into consideration that no institution monitors their activity. It is much easier and enjoyable to play at a casino where you do not have to reveal your true identity.
  3. Worldwide popularity: bitcoin gambling has started to flourish in a multitude of markets around the world, and if you decide to purchase a turnkey bitcoin casino solution, you will have the opportunity to reach customers from various countries with a single website. Bitcoin gambling is not prohibited by any law in a large number of jurisdictions, and it is safe to say that you will easily reach customers at a global level.
  4. Reliable casino with provably fair games: the games that you will offer for your bitcoin casino’s users will be provably fair. This means that each player can verify if the games were not manipulated by the server. Operators who buy a turnkey bitcoin casino solution have to offer provably fair games in order to make players trust their products in the unregulated bitcoin casino market.
  5. No gambling license required: if you want to start a real-money online casino, you will find out that in the majority of cases, you have to obtain a gambling license. This is a process that takes at least 2 months, and gambling licenses are usually extremely expensive. With a bitcoin casino, you do not need a gaming license, due to the fact that no direct real-money transactions are made.

Most popular types of turnkey bitcoin gaming sites

  1. Bitcoin casino: you can open a bitcoin gaming site that is similar to a traditional online casino. Some of the favorite games among the gambling community are table games, such as roulette, blackjack or baccarat. You can also choose to start a bitcoin casino with provably fair slots or video poker, and if you want to offer a diversity of products, you can take a look at our Bitcoin Starter Package, which contains a variety of the most popular casino games.
  2. Bitcoin dice: Satoshi Dice, the most famous bitcoin gaming site, offers a dice game that became so popular that it revolutionized the bitcoin online gaming world. You can also start a bitcoin dice gaming site with our turnkey bitcoin casino solution, in order to provide a competitive kind of entertainment to users.
  3. Bitcoin sportsbook: by creating a bitcoin sportsbook, you will welcome sports fans from all around the world, no matter where they are. Users will be able to place a large number of live bets on their favorite games, anonymously and with no tax burdens.
  4. Bitcoin poker: poker remains one of the most popular skill-based games, and many players around the world are looking to try their luck at this classic game without having to gamble at a real-money casino.
  5. Bitcoin lottery: lottery is a game of chance that does not require any kind of skill, it is easy to understand and popular almost everywhere around the world. Lottery plays an important part in the online gaming world, and fans of bitcoin and lottery are always looking for this kind of online experience.
  6. Other games: buying a turnkey bitcoin casino solution does not necessarily mean that you have to purchase the traditional casino-style games. People who want to bet on bitcoins are looking for diversity, and you can offer other types of games, such as scratch cards, car races, horse races or other exciting arcade games. The possibilities are infinite, and people are always looking for alternatives to enjoy using their bitcoins.




5 May 2015

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