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What Is a Turnkey Casino Solution and Why You Should Buy One

Turnkey Casino software A turnkey casino script is a product sold in a ready to use condition. This practice is very common in the world of digital products and comes with great advantages like:

  • the turnkey casino script is already bug-tested and bug-free, so you will not encounter any problems when using it. Our products also come assisted by lifetime support so that in case you configure something wrong or in case a game does not work as expected, we will fix the issues for free. We are available daily on email and skype to answer any questions that you may have related to our products.
  • the turnkey casino script is very flexible and comes with very many features, to be able to satisfy the most common needs of the customers. You might find very interesting features that you never thought you will need, such as the possibility to determine how many freespins each slot game should reward the player, or the possibility to see individual statistics of each player like the largest bet and largest win that each player experienced.
  • the turnkey casino script is optimized so it would work on any type of system that supports PHP and MySQL. This means that our turnkey gambling solution is compatible with both WINDOWS and LINUX;
  • fast delivery time: our casino products (casino script and casino games) are turnkey solutions that will allow you to start your online casino in less than a few minutes (that is how long the installation takes);
  • by purchasing a turnkey casino solution, you will just have to install the script correctly and everything will work perfectly. You can check the steps for installing your turnkey casino script here.
  • the turnkey casino script can be extended with more features like bitcoin payment solution or real money merchant integration at any time, so that your offer of online gaming is expanded more and more;

Our casino script offers a friendly setup wizard that will guide you through a successful installation.
From the administrator panel you will be able to adjust all the settings of your casino. An extended guide is available and it will explain to you how each feature works and how everything should be configured. If that is not enough, our support team is online every day to answer any questions related to our turnkey casino solutions.
The egaming turnkey solutions that we offer are certified by iTechLabs and passed all the tests that have been performed.

Our turnkey casino solutions are divided into turnkey casino software and turnkey casino games. Each of them comes with multiple customizations which can be achieved from the administrator panel.
At CasinoWebScripts, we always try to make our turnkey gambling solutions as flexible as possible, so that the requirements of all of our clients are covered.


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