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What Is a Turnkey Casino Solution and Why Buy One

turnkey casino

A turnkey online casino is a gaming project sold in a ready to use condition, with the possibility to fully customize your online business.

CasinoWebScripts has developed turnkey casinos for online casino operators since 2010 – each casino unique, with customized games and a user-friendly software – a truly independent gaming business!

White label or turnkey casino?

Online casinos nowadays come in a variety of forms and designs, with plenty of games to choose from the most reliable providers. Many operators decide to go with the white label solution – a ready-to-operate online casino, with the casino license, merchant accounts, software and games included.

The downside of purchasing a white label casino is that you have to follow the rules of the company who provides the services. Usually, you can’t customize your ready-made online casino and you also have to pay fees for running it – EACH MONTH!

With the abundance of online casinos available today, it’s difficult to start your own online casino fast and make profit in the first months of running your business.

Consider that you also have to pay additional fees as soon as you open the casino.

DIY solution?

The DIY (do it yourself) development of online casino games and software can be pretty time-consuming and laborious.

You would need to:

  • recruit an entire team with expertise in online casino development;
  • supervise staff;
  • ensure that they are doing a good job.

How to save time and resources

time is money

Here at CasinoWebScripts we believe that each online casino operator can run a unique, cost-efficient business, with attractive games and customized designs.

Here’s why we can provide a solution that will attract the specific clients that you target.

Quick casino launch

With a turnkey casino solution, you’ll get your casino website up-and-running and ready to bring profit in a short amount of time. The already-made games that we provide can be customized according to your needs.

Everything is provided as quickly as possible, and our team will help you start your casino as soon as possible.

Casino with a unique identity

When you open an online casino, it’s imperative to create a brand identity that’s unique and easily recognized across its niche. We can help you choose the perfect name, create a logo, an attractive design for your website – and we’re sure you have some great ideas as well! Cooperation is key.

Your choice of gaming license/no gaming license (for crypto casinos)

Acquiring an online gambling license is a critical step when you decide to enter the industry of online casinos. It’s important to take into consideration the costs of obtaining an online gambling license that will allow you to run your operations with real money.

If you’re looking to do business across several state lines without a gambling license, you have the possibility to start a bitcoin casino (or using any cryptocurrency of your choice). Like so, you will cut the costs associated with obtaining a gambling license.

Convenient payment systems

With a turnkey online casino solution from CasinoWebScripts, you won’t be limited to choosing a certain payment system. We can help you choose the most appropriate payment system for your casino, depending on your targeted audience.

CasinoWebScripts’ turnkey online casino solution

Here are some interesting facts about our turnkey solution.

A turnkey casino script is a product sold in a ready to use condition. This practice is very common in the world of digital products and comes with great advantages like:

  • The turnkey casino script is already bug-tested and bug-free, so you will not encounter any problems when using it. Our products also come assisted by lifetime support so that in case you configure something wrong or in case a game does not work as expected, we will fix the issues for free. We are available daily on live chat, email and skype to answer any questions that you may have related to our products.
  • The turnkey casino script is very flexible and comes with very many features, to be able to satisfy the most common needs of the customers. You might find very interesting features that you never thought you will need, such as the possibility to determine how many freespins each slot game should reward the player, or the possibility to see individual statistics of each player like the largest bet and largest win that each player experienced.
  • The turnkey casino script is optimized so it would work on any type of system that supports PHP and MySQL. This means that our turnkey gambling solution is compatible with both WINDOWS and LINUX;
  • Fast delivery time: our casino products (casino script and casino games) are turnkey solutions that will allow you to start your online casino in less than a few minutes (that is how long the installation takes);
  • By purchasing a turnkey casino solution, you will just have to install the script correctly and everything will work perfectly. You can check the steps for installing your turnkey casino script  here.
  • The turnkey casino script can be extended with more features like bitcoin payment solution or real money merchant integration at any time, so that your offer of online gaming is expanded more and more;

Our casino script offers a friendly setup wizard that will guide you through a successful installation.
From the administrator panel you will be able to adjust all the settings of your casino. An extended guide is available and it will explain to you how each feature works and how everything should be configured.

The egaming turnkey solutions that we offer are  certified by iTechLabs  and passed all the tests that have been performed.

Finding a company that provides a turnkey casino solution will help you save time and even money, due to the fact that you can receive significant discounts while starting your business immediately.

One partner for a successful business

With only one, but strong partner for your online casino business, you can focus on marketing activities rather than having to deal with several providers who offer you different software components. You will take advantage of a flexible, cost-effective solution that includes all the necessary elements to manage your casino in an effective manner.

A turnkey casino software will ensure that your casino will be prepared to launch immediately. There are certain components that you will need in order to start your casino in a short period of time. One of the main elements of a turnkey casino solution is the casino management back-office.

Like so, here’s what we provide in terms of a turnkey online casino solution :


Casino software

The  casino management platform  stands behind the entire activity of your online casino. A one-stop casino back-office should allow you to have full access to all information regarding users, payments, games, statistics, and more.

There are certain features that you should look for when you decide to buy a casino software platform, due to the fact that it will represent the backbone of your entire activity.  Like so, the turnkey casino software that you purchase should allow you to take advantage of the following tools:

Casino website management and appearance

When you purchase a turnkey casino solution and open your online casino, the first thing that players are going to see is the design of the website. We can offer you a multitude of options when it comes to choosing what your casino should look like. An online casino template should always be unique and eye-catching, so that players will be able to remember your brand easier.

More than that, you should be able to implement any website design you want. Whether you are going for the classic, glamorous casino style, or you want something more out-of-the-ordinary, our team can offer you the option to choose or create a casino template according to your own requirements.

Casino games management

The  casino games that you will buy  will have to be bug-tested and bug-free in order to run properly. You should choose a provider that can assure you of the games’ quality.

One of the best ways to see that the games work properly is to see if the casino company offers certified games. Companies like iTechLabs check if casino games can pass functionality, randomness and quality tests. If you buy a turnkey casino software with certified casino games, players will be more confident while playing at your casino, knowing that you offer games that are not cheating. Casinowebscripts' games and software have been certified by iTechLabs since March 2014.

When it comes to games management, a top turnkey casino solution should offer you the possibility to modify certain features of the game. With our software, we can help you adjust duration of spin, coin sizes, table color, bonus frequency or free spins rate.

The casino management back-office should also provide information about which games were played for the longest time and should offer payout data of each game. This way, you will be able to work on your marketing campaign in a more efficient way, knowing which games are preferred by players.

complete solution

User management and user data

An online casino can have hundreds of thousands of users, and a good quality turnkey casino software solution should be able to handle such a large number of players. There are a lot of features that we can think about when it comes to user management.

Therefore, a top casino management platform should give you the option to view all information about your customers, like IP login history, location,  bonuses, bets, deposits, wins and more.

By having access to all this information, you will have the possibility to send bonuses and promotions to your most frequent players and see if there is any suspicious activity or excessive gambling behavior.

Customer support

The customer support service is extremely important for an online business. Players should be able to easily contact you each time they have a question or encounter a problem while playing or making deposits and withdrawals.

The turnkey casino software should allow players to open support tickets in order to reach your customer support team. With the help of our admin panel, it’s easy to answer immediately.  

Fraud detection and risk management

Starting an online casino is a business that takes place online, meaning that there are certain risk factors that could arise if the casino is not secure. When you purchase a turnkey casino software, you should pay a lot of attention to the risk management features that will protect your casino from all web threats.

There are certain risk management features that you should look for, but first you have to make sure that the casino software is certified and secured against all web and server vulnerabilities. The casino software should be able to make bet limitations for each game, limit any suspicious user activity and verify the system against money laundering and all illegal activity.

With our casino software, the passwords are securely stored in the database, and you will have the possibility to block any IP, credit card or emails. Multi-account detection tools are also important.

A complete turnkey casino solution should only allow players of legal age to register, and responsible gambling messages should be shown regularly.

Financial services and features

When you open an online gaming site, you should have the possibility to choose any desired currency for your casino from the administrator panel and integrate any online automated payments method. By offering players the chance to make deposits through a secured platform that provides multiple deposit choices, your casino will become more trustworthy.

You’ll also be notified when someone makes large deposits at your online casino, so that your staff can verify the user accounts for any suspicious activity. A list of all the events from the casino, including big wins, deposits and withdrawals is also available.

Affiliates management

Affiliates are an important part of your online casino business, due to the fact that they bring new players that can be reached easily, while keeping a share of profit. CasinoWebScripts’ casino software platform provides an agent/subagents pyramid affiliate system, which allows the casino owner to create agents and subagents and set the share percentage.

All the features listed above are already part of Casinowebscripts'  complete turnkey solution.

Casino games

custom games

A casino software development company that offers a turnkey casino solution should provide a large diversity of games, so that operators can choose what they want according to their requirements. A complete casino solution would include at least one of each classic casino-style games, depending on the location and preferences of the customers you will cater to.

Here is a list of the most popular casino games, which every operators who wants to offer a complete solution should consider buying.

Slot games

As we all know, slots are colorful, fun, and come in an extremely large variety of themes. You can choose whichever theme you like, but it is essential to take into consideration the preferences of the players that could access your online casino. Some of the most popular slot games themes nowadays are the ancient world, farm animals, hobbies or sports.


Whether you prefer American roulette or European roulette, a turnkey casino solution is not complete without this classic casino game. You can find roulettes in casinos all around the world, and online casinos are no exception.


Blackjack has been featured in many Hollywood movies, and the best thing about this game it that it is extravagant, but also easy to learn. Played in many glamorous casinos, both high-rollers and mass-market players can’t get enough of this game.


Baccarat has been a game fit only for royalty for a long time. Since online casinos appeared, all types of casino players gained access to this game. Choosing baccarat for your online casino will offer players the possibility to try this game without having to go to a pretentious land-based casino.   


The simplicity of dice games has managed to make this game popular worldwide. Some of the most accessible versions of dice are craps and Sic Bo.

It is essential to offer games that are popular, but when you buy a turnkey casino solution, you should also consider choosing games that are more specific and popular in certain areas around the world. For example, if you are looking to provide games for players in Asia, you should do a little research and see if there are any specific games that these users prefer.

When you look for online casino games, make sure that the provider can customize the games. You might not want to have the exact same games as other operators, so you should be allowed to make small modifications that will help you stand out from the crowd.

At CasinoWebScripts, we always make our turnkey gambling solutions as flexible as possible, so that the requirements of all of our clients are covered.

For any questions, prices or info, contact us on live chat, mail or skype on our website.


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