What Makes CasinoWebScripts Gaming Solution Unique

1 September 2015

With the evolution on technology, you can find new casino software providers who appear on the online gambling scene with each year that passes. There are several companies who were present on the market since the beginning of online gambling, but nowadays you can find a wide variety of solutions from developers who bring something new to the industry.

From the beginning of our casino development journey, we have been working to offer unique solutions to operators who were looking for something more than the games and software provided by the big names in the industry. Like so, we would like to explain what you can find at CasinoWebScripts, and what makes us unique on the online scene.

Complete casino solution

Flexible and unique games developed solely by us

We take pride in the fact that we can offer you unique solutions, developed solely by our team. All of our games are developed in-house, with an original approach and state-of-the-art graphics. You might wonder why you should choose the games from our company and not from other popular casino software providers who offer games preferred by many casino operators.

Well, the main idea is that if you decide to start an online casino with games that can be found everywhere, you will have to invest a tremendous amount of money in marketing. Why? Because the games you will have at your online casino are probably already offered by a multitude of casino operators, who started their businesses years ago and have already gained recognition on the market.

If you offer products that can be found at many other casinos, the competition could be too fierce to handle in the beginning. Only by offering impressive bonuses and promotions you will get the chance to be ahead of those who were in the industry for a while.

Therefore, our casino software providers can discuss with you and develop games according to your own ideas. Our team can develop one or several games especially for your online casino, from scratch, and no other online operator will provide those games to players, except you. You can check out our games, suitable for mobile and desktop devices, in our dedicated casino games page.

No monthly fees for running the casino

One of the best things about our online casino solution is that we do not ask for any monthly fees from your revenue. The majority of casino software providers use a monthly-fees policy, which means that you do not actually purchase the casino games and use them according to your liking, but instead you ‘rent’ the games and pay a certain percentage of your revenue to that provider. The fees that are required for such a solution can be high.

This is why our team has decided to offer a unique solution on the market, which is more appropriate for operators who want to purchase games and keep them, without having to pay a percentage of their revenue to our company. When your buy our casino games, you will have the possibility to run your casino with your own games, and we will not ask you for extra fees.

You might ask yourself why we choose not to ask for a percentage of your revenue, just like the majority of casino software providers out there. Well, we like to believe that this solution makes us unique in the online gambling industry. We know that opening an online casino is an investment that needs to operate in the long run in order to generate a decent profit.  If you do not get the results you expect several months after you open your online casino, and, on top of that, you have to pay additional monthly fees, it gets a little discouraging. On the other hand, if you invest the money for fees in marketing and bonuses for players, your casino will surely become more popular and successful in a shorter amount of time.

More than that, we believe that we can offer every operator a customized solution, and asking for a percentage of your revenue would not be appropriate for the diverse gaming solutions that we provide. We think that in the long term, you will benefit from the fact that once you purchase our games, you will be able to make modifications that could be essential for your online business. For example, you might want to translate all the games in the language spoken by your customers. Casino software providers who ask for fees from your revenue usually do not let you make any modifications to their games.

This is why we believe that purchasing the games developed by our company, with a no-monthly-fees policy, is a good investment for a successful online gaming business in the long term.

Unique casino management platform

We have put a lot of work into developing a unique casino management platform. After years of improving our solution, we now offer a casino software platform with all the necessary tools to help you run your casino smoothly and receive all information regarding players, games data, security, profit, transactions and more.

The management platform created by our casino software providers will help you manage your casino in an efficient manner, with immediate integration of your chosen online casino games. The platform has been developed with the latest coding techniques, which ensures that the level of security is the highest you can get.

With this platform, you can integrate any payment processing system, in order to easily reach players. It is also important to know that you can open a casino with cryptocurrencies using our platform. We can integrate Bitcoin or any other virtual currency that you would like, by using our API.

Our unique casino management platform provides all the necessary information regarding users and games. You will be able to see statistics regarding each player that will help you manage and promote your online casino games, depending on what users seem to enjoy the most while playing at your casino. More than that, you can customize several features of the games by using the games management tools integrated in the casino software.

Since we are looking to be transparent and offer all the necessary information to our customers, you can see all the features of the casino software platform in our dedicated casino software page.

1 September 2015

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