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White Label Casino Software

“White Label Casino Software”, “No-Copyright Casino Software” or “No-Label Casino Software” represent some of the names used to describe a software that comes without the developer's copyright inside the software and the games.

White Label Casino Software

Here, at CasinoWebScripts, we have made available for all of our clients, the possibility to start a white label casino. This means that if you decide to buy the “No-Copyright” version of our software or games, our company’s name will not appear anywhere in the products you have purchased.

If you want your own company’s name to appear within the games, an extra price will be charged for branding the games with your desired name.

A major advantage of running a white label casino is represented by the fact that since no developer name will appear inside your games, then your players will see your online casino as a unique solution, and that you are deeply involved in managing every casino operation that runs through your website and that you have full control over your product.

Obtaining a gambling license, as well as the server costs will need to be managed from your side.

Our solution for white label casino is represented by the “No-Copyright” version of our products. If you decide to purchase this, you will receive a fully tested product that will run on your website, without any dependencies towards our company and without having to pay us any monthly fees. Prior to your purchase, you can test every product you are interested in. We have prepared a live demo website where you can check all the features of our software and administrator panel, as well as a live demo with all of our games inside.

We also offer unique design implementation to the games you will purchase. This means that if you want, we can change the card graphics, table graphics, chips, fonts, menus, buttons and everything else to make each of your games look unique. Customization costs can be discussed only after you will tell us which games you need modified and what changes you require.

If you want to start your white label casino, please contact us.


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