Yearly Gambling Revenues

24 November 2012

What are Gaming Revenues?

The majority of industrialized countries across the world are generating a high amount of yearly income from gambling revenues. In fact, the world yearly gaming revenues have added up to over $117 billion, and are predicted to rise to $182 billion by 2015. This generated income comes from a variety of sources, a majority of these resulting from the various casino games and tournaments. As gaming technology continues to modernize, and the popularity of land and online casino games continues to grow, the revenues will go on to increase drastically.

Most Profitable Countries

While all countries that contain land and online casinos within them are continuously generating income, a few of them stand out above the rest. Last year, in 2011, the United States came out on top with the top yearly revenues. The country generated an astonishing $59.5 billion in 2011 alone. Within the U.S. the state of Nevada, home of the infamous Las Vegas strip, generated $10.7 billion. On the other hand, tribal casinos from across the country came in at the top of the listed with a yearly revenue of $27.5 billion.
In the overall second place position in the world stands the Asian Pacific region, reigning in $47 billion in 2011. Fifteen countries combine together to make up the revenue for this region. Breaking down the income into individual countries leads to the emergence of Macau in first place. The infamous Macau gambling strip, on the Southern edge of China, raked in an amazing $34.6 billion in 2011. No other countries in this region came even remotely close to this astounding income. In second place within the Asian Pacific region lies Singapore, a relatively new country to the world of gambling, with $4.4 billion. Third place revenues are found in Australia with $3.4 billion, fourth place in South Korea with $2.6 billion, and fifth place in Malaysia with $940 million. The remaining ten countries combine their revenues together to add up to the rest of the yearly $47 billion gambling generated income.
The third place position is given to an actual region of the world known as “EMEA”, referring to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. This region generated around $16 billion from gambling revenues in 2011. Breaking this region down into the countries within it, France ranks as number one with a yearly gaming revenue of $3.8 billion, followed closely by Germany with $2 billion in gambling generated income. In third place stands South Africa with $1.7 billion, the UK comes in fourth with $1.2 billion, and then Switzerland in fifth place with $940 million. The remaining countries in the region combine together with smaller, yet still substantial, yearly revenues to form the total $16 billion coming in for the EMEA.
In overall fourth place across the world in gaming revenues is the region of Latin America. The region generated $4.1 billion in revenues in 2011. First place in this region goes to Argentina, with a 2011 yearly revenue of $2.5 billion. Second place is handed to Mexico with $589 million in revenue. Third place goes to Colombia with $525 million in revenues, fourth place to Chile with $478, and fifth place to Venezuela with $3 million.
Canada is the fifth, and final, area of the world that is ranked highly in the amount of gambling revenues generated. In 2011 casinos produced $5.6 billion for the country.

Most Profitable Games

There are many areas of the gambling world that contribute to generating this outstanding income for the countries across the world. However, a few of the most profitable casino games stand out above the rest. In the United States slot machines bring in the highest amount of revenue for the country. For example, slots in Nevada generated $6.8 billion in 201, and in Atlantic City, New Jersey they brought in $2.3 billion. Table games come in second place in the U.S., generating $3.8 billion in Nevada and $1 billion in 2011. In third place come card games, bringing in $120 million in Nevada in 2011.
In Macau, slot machines and table games also stay at the top of the list of the games that produce the most revenue for casinos. The same can be said for both the rest of the Asian Pacific and Latin American regions. In many countries, the most popular gambling game may vary, for example, in the UK people highly prefer table games over all other forms. However, regardless of the game preference, it is often found that slots bring in the highest amount of revenue for casinos around the world. This has to do with the amount of money that players spend on the slots, the extensive time spent playing them, and the random odds displayed. CasinoWebScripts has tried and succeeded to create a large collection of casino games, very close to the quality of Las Vegas games.


Casinos across the world have been known to generate a high amount of revenues over the years, and the profits continue to increase. Regardless of where you go to gamble, casinos are almost always filled with bright lights, friendly faces, and jackpot spins. The variety of games displayed on these casino floors produce a high amount of revenue for the casinos every year. Regardless of the overall game preference in each country, it is typically found that slot machines bring in the most profit. As land and online casino gambling continues to increase in popularity and technology continues to modernize, the revenues generated each year will only grow exponentially.

24 November 2012

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