CasinoWebScripts not Scammers - The real side of the story

CasinoWebScripts not Scammers - The real side of the story

If you are reading this article then probably you have been doing some digging about our company and searched for "casinowebscripts scam" or other queries on search engines to see if we had any immoral activity. You are probably aware of the existence of some articles that talk bad about CasinoWebScripts. Every big company has someone that doesn't like them.
We live in a free world where, unfortunately, anybody can open a blog and write whatever crosses his mind. We say "unfortunately" because most blogs are handled by people that do not present the full side of the story or they don't update their information or they just invent things, and they influence everybody in a negative manner. Websites like compainboard.com have written false information about us and asked for money to have the information removed from the website.

Other bad stories that include our company are from 2011, outdated information, stating that our games have bugs. You should however give us the benefit of the doubt and if you have the possibility to test our platform, please do it, by going to www.casino-del-mundo.com, because you have absolutely nothing to lose except maybe a few minutes and the opportunity to work with a great team. You will see that our graphics are original and all our games are fully functional. We do business only through legal means and by using business contracts, to protect our clients and ensure they will receive what they paid for. We offer lifetime support for our products, and we never cheated or scammed anybody.
If you have any doubts about the quality of our products, feel free to ask us any question.

We started this company in 2010 and we survived through some difficult moments. Believing in ourselves and following our dream to create one of the best casino platforms out there, gave us power to ignore any bad word that was addressed to us. Our clients liked the work that we did and they were the reason we never gave up. We never did any harm to anybody and never will. We never said a bad word to any webmaster, client or about any competitor. Actually we love our competitors. They represent the quality that we must beat to have the best products available on the market. Our graphics are original and created by our own designers. We never stole any graphic and never will. We have enough creative designers to create better products than our competitors and we do not need to steal anything.

All our customers received what they wanted and they were very happy since most of them came back for more products. If they hadn't come back we would have had no profits and after 2 years we would have been long gone, but we resisted more than 5 years, because our clients helped us and believed in us.
We respect all of our clients and we always answer to anybody that contacts us. We do not ignore any emails, because we see a potential customer in anybody that tries to get in touch with us.

These are some policies, beliefs and mistakes that helped us become who we are today. We had our share of bad decisions when we accepted to sell a game that was not tested enough, in 2011, a BlackJack game, because we just started our company at that time and wanted to have as many games as possible in our online catalogue for our clients, and our enthusiasm got ahead of us. The game had a bug back then, which was spotted by some bloggers, but it was fixed the next day after it got launched and no harm was done to anybody. We have learned from this mistake and ever since, all our games are tested for months so that we can ensure the delivery of flawless products. We have even made a collaboration with iTechLabs to test and certify our games.
Unfortunately the articles talking bad about us are still there and the bloggers show no cooperation in updating or removing them. Past experience made us stronger and made us who we are today. Everybody makes mistakes. Who didn't make any mistakes isn't man enough to admit them. The important thing is that we did ours long time ago and they were fixed almost instantly. We should be judged by the quality of our current products, and not by our past mistakes.

Because we offer sell our games with source codes, we were accused of stealing graphics in the past, by same bloggers that write stuff without any background check. We never stole any graphics. It happened once that a client bought our games with source codes, and then he added his own graphics to the games. He did not remove our copyright from the games, and soon after, bloggers accused us of stealing graphics, because they saw our company's name in the corner of those games, which we did NOT approve or sell. They did not know the full side of the story. All the games that we develop and we sell on our website represent original creations by CasinoWebScripts. We do not sell any other games than the games listed on our website. We have very tallented designers, so we do not need to steal the graphics of any other developer to have better games.

If anybody wants to doubt our software and games and their payout logic, then people should know that our clients can buy our products with source codes, meaning that they can do any changes they want to the platform and we are not responsible for anything that happens on their website. Our clients can certify the software and obtain a gambling license, or they can implement provably fair solutions to guarantee to their players that the casino is fair and avoid any suspicions or they can choose to run a casino without any of these. Whatever they do, they do it on their own risk.
We ask to be left outside of any comments, good or bad, related to the activity of casinos using our software or games. We do not run or participate in any gambling activity. We are just software developers and we develop what our clients require.

If you still think our company is not of good will, you should wonder how we resisted more than 5 years and we how we still continue to create new products monthly. We are one of the most popular developers from iGaming Suppliers, a top igaming directory, and until developing casino games will be made illegal and there will be no more internet, we will not stop from doing our job. Bad people can write and say whatever they want. We will beat their words with the quality of our products.

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