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Top Reasons Why You Should Create a Casino Website with Dice Games

Casino development companies that create casino websites for operators usually include several types of dice games in their portfolio. The majority of online casino developers offer two types of dice games: Sic Bo and Craps.

Even so, our company has decided to meet the needs of our customers by creating a wider set of casino dice games, suitable for gaming enthusiasts from all around the world.

Casino players usually say that dice games are hard to play in land-based casinos. If someone is not completely sure that they know all the rules of the game, they would risk losing a lot of money at a gambling hall. If you want to create a casino website with dice games, you will give players the opportunity to try the game for free and fully learn its rules. When players are ready to start playing for real money, they would clearly prefer to play at the casino that gave them the chance to properly learn the game.

Another good reason to include dice games when you create a casino website is that certain types of this game are not usually found in all land-based casinos. This means that players who want to play, for example, Sic Bo, will always come to an online casino to play that game. More than that, arcade dice games like our Fish Prawn Crab (Bau Cua Ca Cop) can be very hard to find even at online casinos, even though they are popular among dice game enthusiasts.

If you want to create a casino website, you should also consider including dice games due to the fact that game rules are really easy compared to games like baccarat or poker. For example, Big or Small 3D dice game by CasinoWebScripts has a set of clear rules that can be learned by anyone in the shortest amount of time. There are a lot of players on the internet who are not experienced in online gaming, and these players would surely consider it easier to play a game that does not require a lot of skills.

More than that, dice games are perfect for entrepreneurs who want to create a casino website that supports Bitcoin payments. The most popular Bitcoin casino is SatoshiDice, which has managed to become the leading gaming site in terms of amount wagered as of January 2013. The site only offers one dice game with simple rules. Remember that if you want to start a Bitcoin casino with dice games, you will also benefit from the fact that you do not have to obtain a gambling license.

If you decide to create a casino website with dice games, you can choose from our easy-to-play, top quality graphics games: Big or Small 3D, Bau Cua Ca Cop, Sic Bo Deluxe Single Player and Sic Bo Deluxe Multiplayer, or Crown and Anchor.



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