Features that Attract Players to Your Online Casino

28 June 2016

If you have decided to open an online casino, or you already run a gaming business which offers casino games, you surely thought about the best ways that will help you attract players to your website. There is a large number of online casinos on the internet, but players who are interested in putting their money at stake while betting at online gambling sites will always look for a few features that will influence their decision regarding choosing an online casino.

There are many choices for casino players nowadays, but plenty of websites are rogue, or do not offer tailored services which fit players’ expectations. This is why it is important to know what your potential customers are really looking for. We have put together a few tips that will help you during the process of creating the best experience for casino players. 

User experienceHigh payout percentage

Players who are more experienced in online gaming might look for the payout percentage that your games offer. Like so, the overall rating of your casino that should attract players should be as close to 100% as possible. Not all casinos prefer to reveal information about the average payout percentage, but since some players evaluate gaming sites by using this criteria, it is useful to post this data on your website.

The term of average payout ratio refers to the amount of money that players can expect to win or recover in the long term. Like so, if a casino offers a payout percentage of 97%, this means that 97% of combined bets will be paid back to winners. The rest of money wagered, which is 3%, will be kept by the casino. Operators who want to open an online casino should also know that it is important to offer payout percentages for each game. At CasinoWebScripts, all the payout percentages are displayed for each game.

Even so, the overall payout percentage might differ from month to month, due to atypical bonuses that could be randomly offered to some players. Like so, a more accurate piece of information regarding the payout percentage can be provided after 6 months or more. Gaming insiders have revealed that a good payout percentage would be of 96.5% or higher, which means that the casino keeps up to 3.5% of all bets combined during a certain period. 

Certified random number generator system

Players who are looking to wager money at an online casino want to make sure that the casino is not cheating. Like so, when you decide to open an online casino, choose a gaming provider that can assure you of the fact that the games are certified and of good quality. There is a certain test than can prove that the games are fair – the random number generator test, which gives players the certainty that the outcome of the games is fair and unpredictable.

As a casino operator, you should look for this test when you decide to buy casino games from a gaming provider. Like so, the games must be tested and certified by a casino testing company. Even if not all casino players are aware of the random number generator system, it is important to post information about this aspect on your website. Therefore, you will show casino users that they can feel safe while playing and that they have the same chances to win as any other user.

Make sure to ask your casino games provider about their random number generator certifications, and do a little research regarding the casino testing company that offered the certifications. Operating a safe and reliable casino will draw more players to your gaming site.

Visual and audio appeal of games

The aspect of the games represents one of the most important factors when it comes to user experience. Players have different tastes in slot themes, types of poker or roulette, but everyone wants to play games that have been created with great quality graphics and sounds.

Operators who want to open an online casino should offer games that are colorful, animated and packed with visual and audio effects. It has been proved by psychology researchers that both the visual and audio effects of casino games can influence the player’s behavior.

For example, an animated slot game, with symbols that move and make intriguing sounds when a winning payline appears on the reels, stimulates players to keep pressing the ‘Spin’ button. This is a consequence of the fact that these sound effects and vivid graphics offer a rewarding feeling after a win occurs, by stimulating players’ senses and adding to the excitement and enjoyment of the games.

Nicely-designed casino interface

The first thing that users get to see when they enter your casino’s website is the casino interface. Casino operators nowadays are aiming to offer an experience which virtually simulates the look of land-based casinos – vivid colors, such as red or green, casino-style elements, Las Vegas backgrounds and pictures of casino hostesses. All these elements stimulate players and make them feel like they are taking part in a real gambling experience, even if it’s all happening in the comfort of their own homes.

When you open an online casino and think about the overall look of your website, one of the most important things to consider is the level of accessibility of your games – players must easily find the games they are looking for. It is essential to create an interface that will make it easy and enjoyable for players to access your products. The website mustn’t be stuffed with information that is not useful for the players, and the overall look must be suitable for users who access your website for the first time.

More than that, make sure that the interface is not sluggish and that it is consistent across the entire website. This way, players will recognize a usage pattern that will help them easily navigate on your website. There should be shortcuts that redirect players exactly where they want, so they won’t have to wait for too long until they find the games they are looking for. Like so, you can create a simple but appealing interface, with banners in the upper part of the screen, and a set of buttons which shows all your games types – slots, roulette, table games, arcade and so on.

You should also have information about terms and conditions, payments, and the most important element, a 24/7 customer support system.

Both innovative and classic products

Operators who want to open an online casino are always looking for innovative games that can attract players to their websites. It is true that there are thousands of casino games online, some players looking to enjoy classic games which were famous several years ago, while others are looking to always experience something new. This is why it is important to create an online casino which offers a wide range of products, with a mix of classic and innovative casino games.

More than that, at CasinoWebScripts, we can discuss about developing new games for your online casino, with the game themes and graphics that you prefer. An interesting option that comes with custom development is creating an online casino game which is popular in your country, but can’t be found anywhere else online.

Our development team will create the mathematics and design of specific games that you would like to add to your online casino. You can also purchase the source codes of our products, and modify the games in any way you like. 

Appropriate advertising techniques

Customer experienceWhen you decide to open an online casino, you will have to invest in a marketing campaign that will make your casino known to the public. Since you are offering online services, the best way to make your business popular is by using online advertising tools. There is a wide variety of techniques that will help you reach players, but the most important one is advertising on pages specifically designed for online casinos.

There are many websites which offer online advertising for online casinos, but you should look for websites which offer information to your target audience. Find out where players look for reviews, and advertise your casino on those sites.

Also, make sure that you have a review system implemented on your website – good reviews always stimulate new players to access your casino by knowing that other customers have been satisfied. In order to get reviews, you should remind players to leave feedback after they visit your website. Additionally, be active and respond to reviews, so that customers will make sure that you value their opinion, which will only lead to getting even more good reviews.  

Surprise bonuses

Operators who open online casinos can keep a good relationship with their clients by offering bonuses. Everyone loves to get stuff for free, but in the online casino world, this is one of the main techniques that you can use to make players return to your site, or even attract new ones. Online casinos offer all types of bonuses, but it is important to make every player believe that a specific bonus has been designed especially for him.

Some of the most well-known types of casino bonuses for new players are offered by casinos all around the world. There is a lot of competition when it comes to whom offers the best bonuses, and you can also find dedicated websites which reveal the highest bonuses offered by online casinos. Of course, you can also advertise your business on such websites and let players know about the bonuses you can give.

The no-deposit bonus, for example, is used by the majority of online casino operators. In order to receive this bonus, players need to simply register a new account at your online casino. This free amount of money is a great incentive for players, and you will also get to expand your customer data base.

Top-notch customer support

One of the most important aspects that you need to consider when you open an online casino is that you need to have 24/7 support. Clients might have questions about transactions, casino games, how to use the website, how to introduce the credit card, and so on. It is essential to have a support team that is able to answer any question regarding your website.

If you have problems with the support system and leave questions unanswered, players will end up giving bad reviews, and this will surely affect your casino’s reputation. Since an online casino is a business that is solely operated online, you have to show customers that behind the games and interface, there are real people who are ready to respond to their queries in the shortest amount of time.

Reliability and honesty

Even if you offer some of the best online casino services on the internet, there will always be someone that will either dislike your services, post malevolent comments on your social media pages, and try to make other users think that your casino is not worthy of visiting.

Like so, when you find out that someone has given negative reviews or any comments regarding problems which might have appeared at your online casino, try to solve these differences with an amiable tone. If you start joining unsatisfied users and start a quarrel, other players will perceive your team as unreliable, dishonest and maybe even a total rip off.

The most efficient way to deal with such situations is to take action against bad comments, by responding genuinely and sincerely to any user, whether he is right or not. Try to approach the user and solve the problem, no matter what unusual issue he has encountered. If the user is lying about your casino, come up with real facts which show that you are running a well-intended business, which is not trying to cheat.

These are some of the top features that players look for when they decide to play at an online casino. In the end, it might be just a matter of taste, but taking care of all of these aspects will ensure players that you run a trustworthy business which offers all the premium features that you can find at the most successful online casinos.

28 June 2016

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