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    News Blog Macau Casinos to Welcome More Mass-Market Visitors

Macau Casinos to Welcome More Mass-Market Visitors

Operators who are looking for cheap casino solutions to start a land-based casino in Macau could be in for the business of a lifetime. Several years ago, nobody would have been able to predict that the Chinese territory would become the most lucrative gaming hub in the world. In 2012, Macau succeeded in surpassing Las Vegas more than six times with a $38 billion casino turnover. Macau is also at the top of the list of Asian gaming markets, outranking Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines when it comes to gambling revenues for 2012.

During the last few years, operators, among whom are some of the most well-known gaming companies in the world, opened the glamorous casinos that now attract both high-rollers and mass-market players from mainland China, and not only. The significant revenues generated by Macau casinos are said to have reached this level due to the fortunes of high spenders who gambled their money in the luxurious brick-and-mortar casinos. Gaming insiders suggest that unlike American gambling establishments, casino companies in Macau are not as heavily regulated as those in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, which makes it easier for the high-rollers who prefer to not give many explanations about how they earned their fortunes. On the other hand, other Asian gaming markets are trying to catch up with Macau at this point in time. For example, Singapore has already opened two new casino resorts which could become some of the most lucrative ones in the world, especially due to the fact that they can easily attract some of Macau casinos’ customers. Furthermore, the upcoming Olympic Games, which will take place in Tokyo in 2020, will most probably pave the way for operators who will take advantage of the tourist flow and open luxury resorts in Japan, making this region a fierce competitor for Macau.

Despite the fact that big spenders represent around 65 percent of the total Macau casino customers, low-rollers also seem to start preferring gambling at these casinos. New stats revealed that it has become easier for mass-market players to come to Macau casinos since more high-speed rail links were completed in the southern part of China. Furthermore, the local airport could soon provide cheaper flights for the regular Chinese gambler. Even so, gaming companies are aware that not only cheap casino solutions and convenient means of transportation are enough to attract more low-rollers.  The main obstacle consists in the fact that mass tourism is difficult to support because of the high prices that local hotels ask for renting rooms. Macau gaming insiders have already come up with a solution to this problem. Macau is connected by a bridge with an island named Hengqin, which is no less than three times larger than Macau and is also part of the Guangdong province. Thus, companies looking for cheap casino solutions could soon be able to take advantage of the cheap land and labor that could be used for developing gambling establishments in this region. Hengqin will also host hotels that will offer cheaper rooms, which makes it extremely convenient for the mass-market gamblers.

In conclusion, Macau will definitely continue to thrive on the gambling scene, especially due to the fact that in the near future, it will not only offer luxurious gambling for high-rollers, but also cheap casino solutions for gaming enthusiasts who do not wish to spend a lot at Macau brick-and-mortar casinos.


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