New Bitcoin Casino Packages Available

2 May 2018

bitcoin casino packages

In the past few months, we’ve registered an increasing demand for Bitcoin casinos. Operators who are looking to start their virtual coin casino can easily get their business up-and-running using our Bitcoin casino packages.

CasinoWebScripts offers a no-monthly-fees solution for operators who want to open an online casino. Like so, you can choose any number of games from our collection, and use them for as long as you want, without any additional fees.

To help you start your gaming business, we’ve created a few Bitcoin casino packages which come with significant discounts. The games and features are set, but we offer discounts of up to 35% for these ready-made packages.

An interesting fact to know about our packages is that you can integrate ANY other cryptocurrency with the casino, not just Bitcoin. If you have developed your own cryptocurrency, or you prefer popular crypto coins such as Ethereum or Litecoin, we can easily integrate these as payment methods for your gaming site.

If you’re interested in opening a Bitcoin casino, keep in mind that these crypto casino solutions are available for a limited time. Our offer includes the following packages (for prices, check out this page):

Starter Crypto Package

This is our most basic discounted package for your Bitcoin casino. With this package, you’ll receive 10 provably fair games, compatible with both mobile and desktop devices, the Lite Version of our casino software, plus Bitcoin integration.

We’ve put together a bundle of games which include popular 5-reel and 3-reel slots, one Blackjack game, European Roulette 3D, a pirate-themed scratch game and one Keno game. Along with the games, we’ve included the Lite Version of our casino software, which includes all the necessary tools to run your Bitcoin casino.

Moderate Crypto Package

If you’re looking to have more games in your Bitcoin casino package, you can try our Moderate Crypto package, which includes a total of 15 games. If you’re interested in offering more table games, this package comes with a Casino War game, a Baccarat game and a Caribbean Poker game. You’ll also receive one of our most popular video poker games, and a state-of-the-art, mobile-compatible 5-reel slot. This package also comes with the Lite Version of casino software offered in the previous package.

Ultra Crypto Package

With this Bitcoin casino package, operators will receive a casino software version with an impressive number of features, plus 20 premium games which are also provably fair and mobile compatible. The Bitcoin payment method integration is included. The Premium software package included in this package provides additional features which include: 5 hours of free website customization, affiliation system, geofencing, affiliate bonus system, VIP point reward system and more.

This Bitcoin casino package contains 9 premium mobile-compatible slots, 7 classic table games, 1 video poker, 1 keno game, 1 European roulette and 1 arcade scratch game. Included in this package are some of our most popular titles, such as Texas Holdem Heads-Up Single Player, Over and Under 26, Future Keno, Nights in Vegas slot.

Full Mobile Crypto Package

With a significant discount of over €45,000, the Full Mobile Crypto package is the perfect solution for operators who are looking to go big from the beginning of starting their business. With this package, you’ll get 70 provably fair games, including slots, roulette and video poker, plus the Premium Version of CasinoWebScripts’ casino software.

Players who want to place bets using Bitcoin will be able to browse through a variety of casino games, which can be played on any device – mobile, tablet, laptop, computer and more.

2 May 2018

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