Starting an Online Casino in 2020 - Top Trends to Follow

14 January 2020

casino trends

The online casino industry has seen some major developments in the past years. The market exploded once online gambling games have been made available on a variety of desktop and mobile devices. We’ve seen a tremendous demand in cryptocurrency casinos in the past years, and online casino developers have even come up with solutions to help players have access to casino-style games even in areas where gambling is prohibited.

So, what’s the outlook for 2020?

The modern world and today’s worldwide economy shows that we will most likely experience a rise of the online gaming industry in 2020. The variety of solutions available on the gaming market makes it possible for operators to open any type of gaming business according to their requirements.

Getting to know what the market has to offer is a key step in creating a customized online casino business that will bring you profit in a short amount of time.

Here are some of the trends that we expect to encounter in the online gaming industry this year.

Innovative casino payment methods

In the past years, the online casino industry has been taken by storm by cryptocurrency casinos. Once bitcoin gained popularity, it was just a matter of time before online casino operators managed to find a way to incorporate bitcoin payments in their casinos. Traditional payment methods are still the primary way to do business in this industry, but crypto transactions, which are simpler and more discreet, are a great alternative.

Many players prefer this payment method – it’s anonymous and untraceable.

Players are also attracted by the fact that bitcoin casinos can sometimes be more secure than traditional casinos. If you open a bitcoin casino, make sure that the games you provide to players are provably fair.

Have you developed your own crypto coin? Here, at CasinoWebScripts, we can help you promote your customized crypto coin and develop a casino where players can use it as a payment method. Check our special packages for cryptocurrency casinos here.

Access to Casino Games in Restricted Areas by Using Alternative Methods

Since real-money online casinos are not available everywhere, operators who are looking to start online casinos need to find alternative solutions.  Players can still enjoy casino-style games, but operators don’t have to obtain a license and deal with all the legal work that a real-money casino requires.

There are three ways to open an online casino which is not illegal, but still allows players to enjoy the thrill of playing gambling games: crypto casinos, free to play casinos and sweepstakes online casinos.

Cryptocurrency casinos

As we’ve already described above, cryptocurrency casinos are one of the best ways to open your online gaming business without having to deal with all the paperwork and legal aspects that govern your local law. Even so, we strongly recommend that you should be aware of the cryptocurrency restrictions and legal status of crypto coins in your country. Some nations with strict regulations have banned the use of any cryptocurrency. If you would like to launch your own cryptocurrency casino, you can check some of our packages and price.

Sweepstakes gaming business

The second best option is a sweepstakes gaming business. In countries where real-money casinos are illegal, sweepstakes are one of the best alternatives to online casinos. You can open a gaming parlor and offer casino games on customized machines. Players will buy credits and, if they win, they will be rewarded with prizes or other items that can be converted into money. It’s still the thrill of gambling without having to deal with obtaining a license! More information about sweepstakes games can be found here.

Free to play casinos

Since it’s so easy to play games on almost any device, both mobile and desktop, online casinos games have also started to make their mark on the social gaming industry. Free to play games can be easily accessed on social networks such as Facebook. They do not make direct revenue, since they’re only seen as a free way of entertainment, but profit can still be made using other methods.

This type of games are created so that players need to pay a small fee once they level up, in order to upgrade to access certain features or get to the next level. Sometimes, players can also pay to improve their gaming experience by purchasing virtual game products which will help them advance in their favorite game.

Therefore, offering a game which was deemed as a free experience, but where players end up spending money, becomes an interesting and profitable business idea. The enormous number of social network users offers a huge opportunity to reach as many players as possible. We consider that this is a great business idea that you can use in your advantage, as it can bring profit in massive proportions.

Virtual reality games on the rise

Casino connoisseurs state that virtual reality casinos are going to be part of the main casino trends in 2020. There are many online casinos that currently offer this kind of experience, which proves to be closer to the real, land-based gaming experience more than anything on the market available nowadays.

Players who don’t have a land-based casino nearby can choose to experience the next best thing by using gadgets. The latest technological innovations make it seem like you’re stepping inside the glitz and glamour of a brick and mortar casino. You can experience the three-dimensional atmosphere of a real casino from the comfort of your own home while playing your favorite casino game.

There are currently only a few virtual reality casinos present on the net, but whilst technology is becoming more accessible and cheaper, players are starting to take a look at this option as well. We’re excited to see what kind of new inventions will come up this year.

Live Dealers Offering a Close-to-Reality Experience

Players who want to feel like they’re in a land based casino without having to travel, leave their houses and pay for the latest VR technology, can still have a taste of the real deal by playing casino games with real, live dealers.

More and more online casinos are offering the possibility to play while watching a real person who acts as a dealer behind the screen. An engaging dealer is an important part of the ultimate casino experience, but operators who are looking to offer this kind of experience to players should consider a few aspects.

If you decide to offer the live casino dealer experience, make sure that you cater to an audience which will be in the same time zone and speaks the same language as the dealer. If you’re working in a limited time zone, with punters from various locations, you could miss out on attracting a large number of players. More than that, by offering at least a few languages, you increase your chance of reaching the maximum number of clients and obtaining the highest amount of profit.
If you are interested in a live dealer experience for your casino, we can offer you this through a 3rd party live games provider, to which you will pay a setup fee and monthly royalties.

Wider variety of online casino games and upgraded slots

The classic casino games – fruit slots, baccarat, blackjack, roulette – will always be part of the online casino world, but players are looking for more ways to enjoy online gaming. Operators who want to open an online casino should also opt for more interactive games that bring that require more skill.

Newer games with better graphics and even arcade-style games are the next big thing for 2020, so it’s worth investing in good-quality games with innovative features. Any online casino operator should choose the right games for their online casino. Purchasing 10, 20 games which can’t be found anywhere else, instead of a bundle of 300, outdated casino games, is one of the greatest moves you can make when you decide to start a gaming business.

Bigger and better bonuses and loyalty rewards

Bonuses and rewards are getting more diverse with each year that passes by. You can even find dedicated websites which show you the greatest bonuses available at a variety of casinos, so operators are doing their best to attract players by any means possible.

Punters are looking for freebies, so they want to take advantage of the biggest payouts, games with the most freepsins, welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, free bonuses and many more. The more your offer, the more players you attract.

Some online casinos currently provide promotions calendars, with remarkable and diverse bonuses daily. Welcome packages of up to hundreds of dollars, astonishing selection of rewards and VIP clubs are just some of the marketing techniques that online casino operators use to make players stay and play once they enter the online casino website.

If you’re looking to open your online casino business, it’s essential to analyze the market and see what bonuses are offered by other operators. Packages of large welcome bonuses hundreds of freespins are some of the most popular options. On the other hand, it’s important to come up with something unique alongside the range of freebies offered by others.

Diverse and appropriate marketing tactics

One of the top online casino trends in 2020 is to reach players by using the right marketing strategies to reach them, without being intrusive.

We all know that the classic way to make yourself visible to customers was to send promotions by email. Push notifications might seem like a fruitful idea, but players might not seem comfortable to see a pop up with casino bonuses on their phones or work laptops. Text messages are also a way of reaching players that could not be suitable for all. Like so, make sure you ask players if they’re OK with receiving notifications on their devices.

One of the best, cheapest and most effective ways to promote your business in 2020 is via social media networks. People choose to like or follow your page, and considering that most people spare a minute to check their news feeds, it’s easy to reach out to the right audience. Many sites have advertising tools which help you share information about your business to the right people, in the right location and age range.

Another great way to promote your gaming business in 2020 is to develop a solid content marketing strategy. Providing articles on your website that will succeed in engaging the player is a must for any casino operator. Great content that includes playing guides, information on the latest bonuses and promotions, articles about the biggest prizes won at your online casino are just some examples of great content that will catch people’s eye immediately.


All in all, the excitement of playing casino games, the adrenaline rush and tempting rewards will continue to make this industry a money-making machine during the current year. With limitless opportunities, punters are continuously demanding to experience new ways to step inside the casino gaming world.

At CasinoWebScripts, we’re here to help you make the best out of your investment by offering customized solutions, original, in-house products and some of the greatest offers on the market.

14 January 2020

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