Starting and Operating an Online Casino during the Pandemic

8 June 2020

pandemic gaming

The coronavirus has done a lot to the World, and land-based casinos, betting shops and gaming parlors operators are now confronted with loss of income and strict restrictions. People are expected to prioritize safety, so land-based casinos aren’t expected to fully recover in the short term.

As we know, since so many people are required or choose to stay at home, the majority of avid gamblers have turned to playing online. The current climate is pushing operators to find ways to maintain their businesses running. Switching to online is one of the best solutions for the current scenario.

At this point in time, online market reach has exploded, as people who don’t normally gamble might see online casinos as a way to fill their free time. Sports betting, which is currently unavailable or highly limited, is now replaced by similar activities such as slots, poker or roulette, which have no relationship to sport, but offer that same feeling induced by all gambling activities – the hope of winning by simply playing games and having fun.

The pandemic has come with numerous side effects, and the land-based gaming industry has been hit hard. On the other hand, online and particularly mobile casino gaming have been taken by storm by avid players during these difficult times. The ease of access made it easier for players to be part of a digital world which is versatile and opens the door to big payouts and unique experiences.

How can you attract players during these times?

Here are some ideas that we’d like to share, so that you can get the most positive experience while starting your online casino or improving the online gambling services that you already provide.

Moving fast is key

Setting your plans and strategy straight away is an essential factor during these times. The competition during the pandemic among online casino operators is fierce. Since more users from a wider demographic are choosing to switch to online gaming, we can see that the demand for different kind of games is increasing, and operators are constantly working to keep up. Finding a provider that can set up your business fast is an important step that you need to consider if you want to start your gaming business.

Make sure you choose a reliable provider

While choosing a gaming provider, be determined, ask as many questions as you can think of and make sure that your casino will look and feel the way you want to before signing a contract. The quality of games is an essential aspect that you should consider, but the main factor should always be the functionality of the products.

Providers offer plenty of services with a variety of features, but not all are trustworthy. Fully testing the provider’s services is a key step when you decide to invest in an online casino. Some operators prefer to purchase packages from different developers, depending on the clients they target.

Invest in ideas with great potential

During the pandemic, we’ve seen an almost total shift into the digital world. Casino gaming is now dominated by cryptocurrency casinos, online slots, online poker and eSports. We’ve seen a surge in the development of crypto casinos – it’s the fastest way to start a gaming business in countries where cryptocurrencies are not banned or falling under specific laws. Because of the nature of blockchain technology, the cryptocurrency sector was not significantly affected by outside factors.

We’ve seen that bitcoin fluctuated between $9000 and $10000 during the pandemic, making it a good candidate for investment during these times. Additional bitcoin ATMs were installed around the world, while new cryptocurrencies continued to appear. This was all made possible thanks to the increased number of transactions during the pandemic.

Choose action-packed games

An interesting factor to consider is choosing the right theme of the casino games. Many people look for something action-packed during the isolation, just to add a bit of adrenaline to their lives. Slots that are adrenaline-fueled, such as those on the themes of apocalypse, zombies or car racing are making a comeback during these days. Gaming developers are working on providing new experiences, and operators should take advantage and pay attention to players’ changing habits and preferences.

Create a thoughtful bonus program

Offering the best incentives to players to sign up and play at your casino is one of the best ways to reach new customers. Many online casino operators step up their bonus program game during the pandemic. Promotions and tournaments are also a great way to catch the attention of new players. Offering bonuses is always an effective way to boost clients' mood and keep them coming back – you can find out more about bonuses, player acquisition and retention in our casino player retention article.

Maintain a solid marketing strategy

Just opening an online casino with good games and interesting bonuses is not always enough for it to become successful. An impeccable marketing strategy is essential if you want to promote your casino to the right audience and reach as many players as possible. Consider creating long-term SEO and PR strategies that will boost your casinos’ dominance on the online gaming scene. Come up with new ideas and choose a marketing team that will promote your casino according to your expectations.

If you want to learn a bit about promoting your casino and creating a solid SEO strategy, you can find some information in our casino SEO article. Start from here and find out how to create a SEO strategy for your gaming website.


Fortunately for online gaming investors, operators and developers, the coronavirus pandemic didn’t have a highly-negative impact on the online gaming industry. Even if people are coming out of the lockdown, habits have drastically changed, while players are prioritising safety.

2020 provides specific details, such as big payouts, interesting bonuses, creative games and top-notch gaming experiences. The online gaming sector deserves special attention this year, and operators are looking for innovative strategies to increase their audience. A bit of distraction during these times is beneficial, while the wellbeing of casino players is always essential.

8 June 2020

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